Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week in Review: Busy, Busy, Busy Edition!

{My blog had a face lift yesterday! So if you are reading this from Google Reader, you should stop on over and check it out ;-)}

Sunday 9/12 - After church, I came home and spent a lot of the afternoon trying to use my new sewing machine. While I was doing that, I got a phone call from my aunt saying that she and my cousin were downstairs visiting my grandma. So I grabbed Ellie and we headed down and visited for the afternoon. It was great to see everyone! Later that evening I made chicken alfredo and Luke grabbed a quick plate during a commercial...he watched football for about 10 hours straight on Sunday :-P Sarah visited for awhile in the evening, and then the day was over already! I can't believe how fast Sunday and the entire weekend went! Time flies so much faster during the school year when I'm working full time.

Monday 9/13 - As soon as I walked in the door after work, my mom called and asked if I wanted to go to White House Farms with her. Of course I said yes! So we headed out on that beautiful, sunny day and bought lots of delicious things. Although they were out of doughnuts, which was NOT cool! After that, we went to Giant Eagle for a few more things, and I then went home, made dinner, and tried to stay awake all evening while I watched the finale of Bachelor Pad. I have mixed feelings about Natalie and Dave winning, but mostly I'm just glad that Elizabeth and Kovacs didn't win. Bleh.
Tuesday 9/14 - Sarah came over for awhile in the afternoon. We ate tacos for dinner with Luke, and then walked down the street for some ice cream! Later that evening, Luke and I went to a new connect group (basically a Bible study). Since it was the group's first week to meet, we mostly just hung out outside by the fire and talked. It was nice! Next week we will really dig into the content. We are doing a video series on "Experiencing God's Dream for your Marriage." I'm excited to jump in next week! When we got home on Tuesday night, we popped in a movie. Luke watched it all, and I made it about 5 minutes before I fell asleep. I was so far beyond exhausted on Monday and Tuesday, it's not even right!

Wednesday 9/15 - Sarah came over when I got home from work, and she came grocery shopping with me. We made pizza for us and Luke for dinner. Then we went on a really long walk and we even stopped at the park for a little while. We talked about everything under the sun, and it was so nice! After our walk, we came back to my house and watched Julie and Julia. It was still good the third time watching it ;-)
Thursday 9/16 - This was not one of my better days. I had a bad day at work, and unfortunately, I brought my bad mood home with me. I basically moped around all night and didn't do much of anything. Except make a tasty fall harvest soup, which cheered me up a little bit. Leave it to food to do that to me... :-P
Friday 9/17 - As bad as Thursday was, Friday was the complete opposite. I had probably the best day of work yet this school year. I know God was blessing me all day through my students, and I felt so comforted! When I got home, I went over to the church to iron out some last minute details about the newsletter that I'm working on. My Aunt Beth was there, and told me that some of our friends were selling pumpkins to teach their twin daughters about saving, spending, and giving money. I rode to their house with her, and I got two white pumpkins, one regular pumpkin, and 6 small gourds, all for $5 total! You can't beat that! What a great idea to teach their daughters and also bless others! Anyway, after that it was time for date night with Luke! We went out to dinner at Smokey Bones where Luke had fish and I had a salad. We then made our way to TJ Maxx: Home Goods and I spent such a long time in there, Luke had to go to Best Buy next door to entertain himself while I finished! And I spent most of my splurge money from this week and next week there. I am dangerous in that store with a wallet full of cash! But I did get a lot of great clothes for work and the cutest scarf ever made for fall. P.S.: I have decided that this year is the year that I will FINALLY jump on the leggings bandwagon, so I bought some of those as well. Anyway, I had a really great night out with Luke!
Luke and his Root Beer at Smokey Bones...he sure does love that stuff!

Saturday 9/18 - I woke up an hour earlier on Saturday than I do during the week for work! The reason is that Luke had bought last-minute tickets to the Ohio State game the day before. The game was at 12, so I was up at 5, and we were pulling out of the driveway at 6. But it was such a good day, and I'm so glad I went! We went to the skull session and then straight to the game, where we roasted under the hot, HOT sun all day! We actually ended up leaving right after the third quarter because Ohio State was killing Ohio University, and we were just too hot and tired and thirsty to stay. And I was getting a severe sunburn! But like I said, It was so much fun!! After the game, we headed to Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers for lunch/dinner. There is a little story behind this. Last year when we came to an Ohio State game in October, I was very sick. I was having major stomach problems and hadn't eaten anything fried in about a week. We all stopped at Raising Cane's before we left for home, and I couldn't eat anything, because it was all fried. But it looked so delicious! It's been in the back of my mind for the whole year, and I knew the next time I was in Columbus, I HAD to try it! Luke made no arguments, because he had loved it last time. And it did not disappoint. Even after secretly craving it for a year, I was not let down. It was so good! Anyway, after the long ride home, I went to my parents' house to work on the church building campaign newsletter. I had to use my mom's computer, because she has Publisher. When I was done with that, I finally relaxed at home for a little while!

What a busy, busy week!!

Milestones this week: We took a day-trip to Columbus for the Ohio State vs. Ohio University game. Also, I redesigned my blog's look.

Movies I watched this week (+my rating): Julie and Julia (A)

Books I'm reading this week
The Bible (Judges). No time for anything else!

Songs I'm loving this week: Born to Fly - Sara Evans, Desert Song - Hillsong, Love Me - JJ Heller

Things I'm looking forward to next week
: A family reunion, completing and sending out the church building campaign newsletter, and watching the world transform a little more each day from summer to autumn!


  1. Jessica, Your weeks always sounds so full and good! You are going to love having this collection, later in life, to show what your beautiful life looked like! Also, love the new design!

  2. Aww, thank you, Brittney! I love writing these, because I love to keep a record of our lives, and I know I will love looking back on them someday :-)

  3. Wow, what a busy week!

    Love the new look! :)

  4. Hi- I am a new blog reader and found your blog through another that I was visiting! I really like reading your blog and I have to say that Love me is one of my favorite songs! Have a great day


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