Monday, September 6, 2010

An Evening at the Fair

This Labor Day evening was spent at the Canfield Fair!
It was so much fun! It had been about seven years since I had been to this particular fair so I was definitely overdue for a trip! First off, we had to look at all the horses.
This was was extra, super long!! ;-)
Next it was time to EAT. Luke and I hadn't eaten since our bacon and homemade waffles for breakfast, so we were starving! I started off with a corn dog, which is a must every time I go to the fair...
And I finished off with a funnel cake. Oh my goodness, it was heaven! For the record, I did not eat the entire thing...
Sarah got a delicious elephant ear, and I think she was maybe a tiny bit excited about it...
After eating, we had to burn off all those calories! So we walked around and saw all there was to see. We saw giant pumpkins and squash...
We saw lots of tractors
And more animals
It was such a fun night with all of my in-laws plus Sarah. I really do love the Canfield Fair, and I hope I don't have to wait another 7 years before I can go again!
After all of that fun stuff, the real highlight of the evening (besides the funnel cake, of course ;-)) Was Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist/comedian! He was actually the ventriloquist in Dinner for Schmucks if you've seen the movie. His show was sooo funny (although a little off-color). My cheeks and sides seriously hurt after the show from laughing so hard!
My favorite of his puppets was definitely Achmed, the dead terrorist.
At the end of the show, he did a bit with the puppet he used in Dinner for Schmucks. I guess we were one of the first groups to ever see that act, which was pretty exciting! Picture quality is horrible, but I'm going to share it anyway!
The show ended at almost 11, and now it is definitely past my bedtime since I have to go back to work tomorrow! But it has been a GREAT weekend! It just went by way too quickly! But that's how it always works, isn't it?


  1. I absolutely love love love fairs! Especially for the food and atmosphere :-) and jeff is my hubby's favorite comedian! I'm so glad you had a blast :-)

  2. I cannot wait for the Fair to arrive here!! Now I need a corn dog STAT!!! LOL. :)

  3. Fun, Fun! I LOVE fair food -- especially the elephant ears & corn dogs! Yum... :)


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