Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week in Review: Back to School Edition!

Sunday 8/29 - After church, Luke and I headed into town to use a few gift cards. The first was to Carrabbas. We had a great lunch there! After that, we used a gift card to Target. We needed a new vacuum so we bought a great one made by Hoover (my dad used to work for Hoover for many years before the economy went south). Later in the evening, I had a meeting at church, and then came home and watched Made of Honor on FX while I prepared for my first day of work on Monday. I love the movie because of the eye candy. I'm talking about Scotland. Patrick Dempsey's not so bad either, though! :-P

Monday 8/30 - This was my first day back to work! It was somewhat of a crazy day. I didn't sleep well on Sunday night, but the day went pretty smoothly despite my major fatigue. When I got home, I spent the evening doing things around the house, and then after dinner I went over to my parents' house to take care of their dog since they're in Myrtle Beach. I actually ended up staying there for an hour just playing the piano, because after my crazy day, it really helped to relax me! It has been too long since I've played, and I miss it! I finished off the evening totally vegging out and watching Bachelor Pad. I needed to be lazy after my crazy day!
Tuesday 8/31 - This day was definitely tough. Tuesdays are the days when I have no planning period at work. So after work I came home and was pretty much a grump all night. I was so tired I just ordered pizza for dinner and fell asleep super early. Back to school time is rough!

Wednesday 9/1 - The day went MUCH more smoothly than Tuesday! Mostly because I had a 40 minute planning period to get grading, copying, and lesson plans taken care of. And because I'll be honest...I NEED a break to keep my sanity. Anyone would. Can I get an amen from all the teachers?? Anyway, that evening I went grocery shopping and then took a walk with Sarah, which was great to relieve some of the first week stress I was feeling! We then came back to my house and just talked for a long time.

Thursday 9/2 - This was my last day of work for the week, because the school district gives us a 4 day weekend for Labor Day. In the evening, we had a bunch of people over for the first Ohio State game against Marshall. It wasn't much of a game, because The Buckeyes won pretty easily. Most people left before the game was over since it was a weeknight. So I sneaked downstairs early and went to bed while the game was still on. I just couldn't keep my eyes open!

Friday 9/3 - I slept in since it was a day off from work! To be honest I didn't do much all day. I watched a movie, read a little bit, and then cooked a big dinner. After dinner Luke and I had a date-night-in and watched Bounty Hunter.

Saturday 9/4 - I spent the day at home getting things done and relaxing while Luke was gone watching football. I ended up watching Did you Hear About the Morgans? in the afternoon, and thought it was cute! In the evening, I went out shopping with my sister and to Pizza Hut for a late dinner. I love that particular Pizza Hut, because we used to beg our parents to take us there every time we were in town when we were little. It is just a nostalgic place for me...weird, I know! Plus Julie and I both LOVE their bread sticks! After dinner, we came home to see our parents who had just gotten home from Myrtle Beach. We visited with them for awhile. They brought me root beer cake mix, pure honey made locally there, and a tin full of mints with my name on it. I think my mom has caught on to the fact that I'm turning slightly into a foodie. Ha! Anyway, thanks, Mom and Dad!!
Milestones this week: I started my fourth year at the same school as a special education aide

Movies I watched this week (+My Rating): Made of Honor (B+), House (D), Bounty Hunter (B) , Did you Hear About the Morgans? (B)

Books I'm reading this week
: This Present Darkness by Frank Perretti, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer, and The Bible

Songs I'm loving this week: While I'm waiting - John Waller, Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland, This is our God - Hillsong, If I Die Young - The Band Perry

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