Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week in Review

Sunday 9/19 - We went to church, and then had a family reunion right afterwards for my mom's side of the family. We stayed for a little while, visited, and ate some delicious food. Later that evening, we had calling hours for Luke's great, great uncle. We rode with Luke's parents, and they stopped on the way home for ice cream at Handels. I got chocolate-peanut butter-brownie ice cream in a cone, and it was so good! I got home and tried to use my sewing machine once more because I was feeling creative, but ended up breaking the needle. I guess maybe I am just not cut out for sewing! After it broke, I was so determined to make SOMETHING, that I created this cute little rosette. Without the help of the sewing machine. I've been obsessed with these fabric flowers lately, and have wanted to learn how to make them for a long time.

Monday 9/20 - I had another down day where I didn't have any motivation once I got home from work! I guess I am still having a hard time adjusting to the school year. I cleaned the house in the evening and decorated more for fall. Later I watched dancing with the stars, and fell asleep early. Pretty boring stuff!
Tuesday 9/21 - Tuesdays are my long days at work, where I have no breaks. And after my crazy day at work, I went straight to the church to work on the campaign newsletter for about three hours. Yikes, I didn't realize how much work this was going to be! But I'm really enjoying it! After that, Luke and I quickly ate some pizza for supper, and headed to our connect group. We are doing a video series on God's view for marriage, and I really think it's going to be great!

Wednesday 9/22 - I took a half-day off of work for a {frustrating} doctor's appointment. I went to the church afterwards to finish up the final copy of the newsletter. It was a relief to finally have it finished! Later, Sarah came over for dinner and to watch a movie. She had never seen 50 First Dates. We decided she needed to watch it, because one time I said "no worries," and Sarah thought it was hilarious, and I told her I picked it up from that movie because I love Drew Barrymore's character, Lucy, in it, who says that a lot. That was quite a run-on sentence. We ended the evening watching She's got the Look, because we were too lazy to change the channel and it happened to be on, and somehow we became hopelessly sucked in. We will be watching the finale next week!

Thursday 9/23 - I went grocery shopping after work and found some amazing fall-colored mugs while I was shopping for $1 each! I'm going to grab some more next time I'm there, I think! I am currently memory card-less, or I would share a picture. After that, I made a quick dinner, and then Luke and I headed out to a birthday party for his little cousin. It was a good time. We made sure we were home before 9, though, because it was the season premiere of The Office! Our neighbor's/friends/cousins, Rachel and Jared, came over to watch it with us. We ended up watching Outsourced afterwards, which was pretty funny as well. And even after that, we sat and visited until about 11:00. It was nice!

Friday 9/24 - I felt completely burnt out after my long, busy week of working plus spending so many hours on the church campaign newsletter and other various things. I unfortunately came home from work in a pretty bad mood. (It seems like I always have at least one day like this, unfortunately). Luke and I picked up Subway for dinner, watched all the shows we had DVR'd during the week, and I fell asleep on the couch sometime between 8 and 9. Not a very exciting night.

Saturday 9/25 - Luke and I worked on things around the house all morning, and then Sarah came over. We went to the mall to shop for some clothes. We then came back, hung out, and took a walk. It was such a gorgeous day! We decided to go to Hot Dog Shoppe for dinner. Sarah had never been there, and I knew I just had to take her! She loved it :-) We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home for donuts. I got a pumpkin one! It was good, but barely tasted like pumpkin, and definitely not on the same par as White House donuts. Anyway, when we were out, we saw a Mini Cooper. So we came home and watched The Italian Job, because Sarah is obsessed with Mini Coopers. It was fun to have a girls' night since Luke was out with some guy friends!

Milestones: I completed my first campaign newsletter to be sent out this weekend or next Monday! (the first of many that will be done this year). It was a LOT more work than I had anticipated, but I absolutely loved doing it!

Movies I watched this week: 50 First Dates (B+), The Italian Job (A)

Books I'm reading this week: The Bible (Judges...LOVED reading the story of Samson this week. I don't think I had ever read it directly from the Bible). Still no time for any other reading. I SOOO miss having the time and energy to read!

Songs I'm loving this week: Desert Song - Hillsong (again...can't get enough of that one), Why Wait - Rascal Flatts, You're Not Alone - Meredith Andrews

Things I'm looking forward to next week: A bridal shower for a friend, connect group, and the beginning of October! (October, November, and December are my favorite months!)


  1. Been thinking of you. Hoping things are looking good!

  2. I've been trying to figure out how to make some fabric flowers for a while now. Yours turned out cute!
    I'm also so excited about October coming up this week! Yay for fall!


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