Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Fall at White House!

Yesterday I went to White House Fruit Farm again with my mom. I was just there about a month ago, but it is never too soon to go again!

When I got there, I was pleased to see that it was pretty much decked out for fall! The pumpkin pavilion is open, which is my favorite spot.
Mom and I looked around there and also spent a lot of time inside the main building. We had a good time, but unfortunately they had sold out of doughnuts for the day! This was a major bummer! Oh well, there's always next time :-)

I snagged a lot of great things, anyway...

I got this delicious soup mix. I made it last year and it was so good. Hearty and warming and perfect for fall. I'm going to wait until it gets a little colder, and then I'm going to make it.

This delicious roasted red pepper dressing. It is so good! I made a salad with dinner last night just because I really wanted to taste it. And it was fabulous!

Really cheap croutons...since we needed some
And some yellow tomatoes and squash. Delish!

After White House, we went to Giant Eagle and I bought some fun things there, too! I love decorating with cute fall candies. Like these little pumpkins. I think they are so adorable!

and my little pumpkin is now filled with this delicious Indian Corn. Yum!

I couldn't pass up these little pumpkin cookies. So, so good! They are just like miniature pumpkin pies.
Every time I take a bite, it feels like Thanksgiving! :-)

I am in my element and all feels right with the world during this time of year!


  1. Oh YUM! People have been asking for ideas for care packages for us and I keep saying Candy Corn and Pumpkin Pie Filling!!!!! haha, hopefully they listen.

  2. Oh....makes me want FALL to come here in AZ!!!!! Oh I am so excited! Love all your photos! Gets me in the spirit of Fall! :-)

  3. Just so you know, I'm living vicariously through your blog. I hate not being home in the fall... :( I cannot wait for pictures of the autumn leaves! :)

  4. Oh yum! I wish we had that place here!

  5. Love it all! I wish we had something like that around here. And it's still in the 100s degrees which doesn't make it feel much like fall either


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