Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall has Arrived at my House

It was pretty cold today, and it really started to feel like fall. I decided to totally embrace it and start basking in the wonderfulness that is my favorite time of year.

First of all, I decided I needed a fall scented candle. I was at Giant Eagle when I made this decision, so I didn't have much to pick from. But I did find this Air Wick apple and cinnamon velvet candle that smells absolutely delicious. It may not be pretty, but it smells sooo good! It is still burning in the kitchen and it is making me happy!
I also bought this to help me recreate the taste of a pumpkin spice latte. Our coffee maker is about to be taken out of the box for the first has been sitting on a shelf for the past 25 months!

And my favorite part of the day was making potato soup for dinner. My absolute favorite kind of soup. And I love to make it because I love to peel and chop vegetables. My mom thinks I'm crazy. Anyway, I found a recipe online, but it is not close to as good as my mom's. I will have to get my mom to write down her recipe for me. But anyway, I haven't had potato soup since the last time it was this cold. And that was months and months ago.

And I updated my playlist with fall songs. What that means is that I put a bunch of praise songs (for Thanksgiving) and a bunch of songs from the You've Got Mail soundtrack on my playlist, plus a few other random songs. You've Got Mail always reminds me of fall. I love the beginning of the movie when it's fall in New York City. Especially the carnival scene and the Thanksgiving scenes. I really need to buy this movie so I can watch it whenever I want! Luckily it was on WE last week sometime in the middle of the night and I DVR'd it. So sometime this weekend when the TV is not being used by Luke to watch football, I'm going to try to watch it. I can't wait!!

That brings me to one last thing. Football. This is the first big football weekend. And while I don't love football, I love that it means it's time for fall. I have decided to take up knitting again this football season since I pretty much failed at it last year. I started a scarf last weekend and I really want to try to actually complete it this time! So that is my activity of choice while Luke watches football :-)

Have a super Thursday, and be happy that fall is basically here!! :-D


  1. I LOVE everything in this post!!!!!!!! I want to be at your house!! :) I'm sure that candle smells fabulous! My favorite fall candle is the "Leaves" from Bath and Body Works! And that soup looks YUMM-O!! I have a cheeseburger/potato soup recipe that looks similar. I should make that...however, our temps are going back up to the 80's...ERRRRR! :( Therefore, it might have to wait a bit!

    Otherwise, the music is WONDERFUL!!! I absolutely LOVE "You've Got Mail" and could watch it over and over and over. Oh wait, I already do!!!!!! ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ahhhhhh love fall! This post makes me super excited!

  3. I'm still looking for a great potato soup recipe, so when you get it from your mom, please share with the rest of us soup lovers out here :-)
    Happy, happy Fall!


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