Friday, September 24, 2010

Show us Your Life: Master Bedrooms

I am joining Kelly's master bedroom tour this week.

Unfortunately, my camera is not working at the moment, so I will have to show older picture from about a year ago. Our bedroom isn't very big, but it is cozy, and we like it!

Here is one half of our bedroom. I really love the bed! Can you believe I found it at a garage sale for just $75?? I thought that was great! It also came with a canopy, and I hope to have high enough ceilings to use it in our next house!
I would love to put a picture or wall decal above the bed in all that blank space. I'm still looking for just the right thing.

Here is the other half of the room. It's so hard to get a good picture! I love all the neutral colors in this room. We have been looking (for the past two years :-P) for a bigger dresser, so we can trade the two of ours in for just one pretty, large one. Also, the book shelf is now in our dining room, which I think makes the bedroom look much better and less crowded.
If you look very closely, you can see Ellie hanging out beside the bookshelf! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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