Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blessed and Exhausted.

It has been a VERY busy couple of days around here. Busy, but good, and full of lots of blessings and a lot of exhaustion! God is teaching me a lot this week. Many things have been put into perspective for me, and I'm realizing how blessed I am and how small my problems really are. I am learning so much through this situation I find myself in, and I've been very blessed through it, too.

Anyway, I didn't want to let another day slip by with no blog post, even though my eyes are barely staying open right now. So here are two things that have made me smile the past two days:

1.Root Beer Cake. My parents bought me a mix for this stuff when they were in Myrtle Beach. It is delicious! And almost gone. We ate some last night with Root Beer. Root Beer +Root Beer is a good combination, I guess :-)
2.Today I went on a long walk and had some great talks with a friend. We walked around probably every square inch of my town (which really isn't saying much) and then stood to look at the ponies in a field near my house. As we were standing there, 4 or 5 ponies came up to us and it was so sweet! I think we were borderline trespassing. Haha! But we didn't think we were hurting anything, and the ponies were just so cute! And we were almost still on the sidewalk...
So much more is going on right now that I don't have the energy to write about. But I am just feeling so blessed right now by friendships. It has been a long time since I've had close female friends who haven't made me feel judged or used. Sad, but true. But I'm done with those kinds of relationships. And I'm feeling very empowered just saying that! I hope this does not come across as snobby or rude, but really, who needs to be weighed down by those kinds of relationships?

I could go on about this forever, but it's late! Goodnight!


  1. Ahh I want to try that cake mix RIGHT NOW!!! I can't even picture what it would taste it like but it sounds amazing!

  2. So glad you're getting girl time with close friends. It can be healing and therapeutic!


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