Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah Caah Talchc

Translation: "I can't talk"
You've all experienced it...the inability to answer when your dentist or dental assistant asks you a question. Today it was because my tongue, lower lips, lower gums and cheeks were completely numb and felt like they were swollen. I seriously could not form any words with the way I was feeling. I posted a hilarious video of Bill Cosby talking about the dentist which I feel I can pretty much relate to right now :-)

So anyway, the extractions went well. I prayed before hand the it would just be easier than the dentist expected. and I know I had a lot of other people praying for me. The first one came out in 2 quick pieces, and then dentist told me he couldn't believe how easy that was, and he was expecting it to be a lot harder. I THINK he said (I was pretty drugged up by that time and might have imagined some things) "You must have someone on your side." And if I could have talked, I would have said, "Yep, I've had a lot of people praying for me and God is looking out for me:-)"

The next tooth was not so quick. It did not want to budge, and they had to keep breaking it in to smaller and smaller pieces. I felt a LOT of pressure, but no pain. Once it was done they stitched me up real well, and I actually felt pretty good after the surgery. That halcion is good stuff. My mom had to hold my hand as walked out to the car, and she sweetly set me up a little "sick area" in my living room. She brought me pillows, and even bought me a large iced tea from mcdonalds since it's my favorite! I honestly don't remember stopping at Mcdonalds. Come to think of it I don't really remember the ride home at all, or eve walking up the steps to my apartment. But apparently my mom got me here! He has all my pills and gaws laying out on the coffee table, plus my cell phone and home phone. And of course my sweet tea. My laptop is on my lap, and I'm watching a marathon of ANTM on Oxygen. So things are good right now.

The numbness is wearing off, and it's creating the strangest feelings in my mouth. I'm starting to feel some pain, nothing too extreme yet though. And my lips and tongue are very tingly while the novacaine wears off. Plus the halcion is wearing off. I slept for about an hour or two when I got home. And when I woke up, Gabby was cuddling and purring right on my stomach. It was sweet. I'm waiting until my mouth has all of its feeling back before I take my vicodin because the pills is the size of a horse's pill, and I don't want to choce on it!

But I'm just praising God that the surgery was not bad. And that the halcion worked so well to calm me down. I wasn't even nervous once while I was sitting in that chair. And I'm praising God for 2 peaceful recovery days to read, watch tv, and cuddle with Gabby :-) And maybe I'll be feeling well enough to get some things done around here too.

The bad news? The left tooth which was pushing up very hard against the tooth next to would have been impossible for my toothbrush to reach it...I mean the wisdom tooth was digging so hard, it was hitting the nerve of the other tooth. So basically, I have a big cavity in the next tooth over, which I wasn't even aware of. Apparently I may ned a root canal on that tooth. which terrifies me, but if I made it through this, I should be okay.

This post is pretty long, and honestly, the halcion has not completely worn off so I'm not sure if this post even makes sense. And I'm sure there are lots of typos. But I just wanted to thank everyone for all your prayers and well wishes! God answered them...I was totally calm and it went as smoothly as it could hav gone.


  1. Oh, I'm so relieved!! I didn't want to tell you how worried I was cause I didn't want to worry you even more! I'm so glad it went well and your home safe and sound. I hope you won't be in too much pain when the numbness wears off!! Enjoy snuggling with Gabby!!!

  2. Oh, poor thing! Here's hoping you're feeling better really soon :)!!!

  3. Still praying for your recovery!


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