Monday, May 11, 2009

He's Learning!

My mom always told me that men never change, so just get used to their quirks and annoying habits and deal with them. But my wonderful hubby proved her wrong tonight. He's learning to be a good little host (well, big host. I can't call someone who's almost a foot and a half taller than me little, can I?)

Tonight I had a mother-daughter banquet at church. I attended with my mom and grandma, and it was wonderful. While I was there, Luke invited some friends over to watch the Cavs game. He totally surprised me with his hosting skills!

First of all, before I left, he clean and rearranged the furniture in the upstairs "party room." WITHOUT being prompted! There's a change right there.

Next, when I got there, he had all the food and drinks neatly set up on a little table in the attic so everyone could eat without having to go downstairs. Change #2. He used to basically let people fend for themselves.

Also, he got out all plastic plates and cups and only served finger foods! (pizza, wings, and chips and dip). NO DISHES FOR ME TO WASH!! It's a miracle! Usually he just grabs stuff out of the cupboards so that I have a full sink when I get home. Change #3.

And the kicker? He brought everything back downstairs after his friends left (and after the Cavs 8th consecutive playoff WIN, thank you very much! :-)). I still had to clean it up once it was down there, but just the fact that he brought it down was a huge step in the right direction. And since he had used only plastic plates and cups, I just had to put the food away and I was done! Change #4.

So my mom was wrong. Guys can change. Maybe he's picking up on my love of entertaining. But I love the he tried, and that his guy friends were probably nice and cozy and comfortable, thanks to Luke's hosting skills. I want my home to be a fun, safe, comfortable place for my husband and I, and for the people we invite into our home. Even if it is just a few of Luke's guy friends who really couldn't care less :-) At least Luke is catching on, and helping me make our house a home!

The only bad thing is that between the Mother's Day picnic we had here yesterday and the guys that came over tonight, we went through 2 gallons of iced tea in 2 days! And now I'm out of tea bags. What can I say, Luke and I have become somewhat famous for our VERY sweet tea that we always have in the fridge...I really think we would fit in better down south ;-)

I'm glad tonight was a good night, because tomorrow is crunch time! I've gone into a sort of crazy nesting mode the past 2 days because of my wisdom teeth extraction on Wednesday. You would think I was going in for major surgery. I'm cleaning the house, buying groceries, planning meals for Luke and liquid meals for myself :-P I'm not going to want to do much when I'm in serious pain and pretty much drugged up starting on Wednesday, so I feel like I have to get EVERYTHING done right now. Does anyone else get like that? I do the same thing when we go on vacation...

Enough babbling...have a good night! :-)

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