Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet Max

After my sister-in-law's graduation today, my friend Kim dropped her Maltese, Max, off at my house. Her family is going to the beach for a week, and I'm the proud pet-sitter. Just look how cute this little guy is!He was a little drowsy when he first got here. Kim gave him some pills for the ride here, because he gets carsick. It must be pretty bad, because it was only a 10 minute drive for him! But he pretty much crashed when he got here. He laid with me on the couch while I watched one of my favorite movies of all time: Pollyanna. It just happened to be on TCM today. So we had a relaxing afternoon!

Gabby is not too sure about our little visitor. But despite a few hisses and one or two swats, she has been minding her manners. I'm hoping that they will get along by the end of the week! Poor Max, he keeps Naively running after Gabby, wanting to play. He doesn't realize she's still a little nervous and jealous of him! So I hope he doesn't get hurt.

I managed to capture a few pictures of Gabby and Max, trying to get used to each other. It was adorable.

At first, Gabby just hid behind a chair.
Then when Max and I were snuggling on the couch, Gabby got brave enough to jump up and have a peak at him.
She kept slowly putting her paw out and quickly tapping him, like she was trying to figure out if he was real, or alive or something. So cute
She finally got brave enough to come all the way up on the couch to check out the situation.
And then Max moved a little bit. He had just been staring that whole time. It freaked Gabby out, and she hissed and ran across the room. She jumped up on the table, and spent the rest of the afternoon there. Just STARING. If looks could kill...
Immediately, in Max's drugged up state, he fell asleep. Right on my stomach...he's a cuddler! I had to check to make sure he was breathing a few times...that pill really knocked him out!Gabby wanted so badly to keep staring at Max, just in case he made a sudden movement or did something interesting. But after awhile she just couldn't keep her eyes opened anymore. So we all had a restful afternoon :-)
Later, Luke and I had a bit of a date night. Well, we went to Taco Bell and Giant Eagle. Not exactly a "date" but still fun! I hope we can always just have fun together no matter what we do. I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend!

Well, I'm headed upstairs to watch a scary movie with Luke. I'm glad I have Luke, Gabby, and Max to cuddle with so I don't get scared! lol.

And I'm hoping that Max and Gabby will become friends this week. Gabby's gotta love him. Who wouldn't love this face?!
Summer countdown: 3 DAYS!!! I couldn't be more ready for some time off to get this house in order, try out some new recipes, and just have fun!


  1. Aw! The Max and Gabby pictures are so cute!

  2. Hey, feel free to delete this. I wanted to email this to you but couldn't find an address. I noticed after you commented on my last post about me having to move in with my parents that you are an Ohio girl too, and actually the city you live in (my stat counter told me where), is about 1.5 hours or so south of where I'll be moving. I'll wave as a drive through it! ;)

  3. Max is adorable!
    Gabby too! :-))
    Beautiful pictures..

  4. Aww! I bet Gabby will have fun once she gets used to him!


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