Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thinking Spring

Lately I've been trying to make my house a little bit more homey. First of all, I've created an insane home organizer to help me keep track of housework and other duties, and get them all done on time. I've loved using it all this week, and so far it's worked out great for me! My house (and LIFE) is in much better order than it has been lately.

I've been working on some things this week to bring some comfort into our home, and to make it seem a little more springy!

I believe the most relaxing room in a house should be the bedroom. Pretty much a no-brainer there; it's where you have to be able to wind down and sleep every night! This week I've been making sure I make the bed every day, even if it's just a few hours before bed (The hubby leaves for work later then me and gets out of bed right as I leave for work. I couldn't count on him to make the bed if his life depended on it! So it usually gets made when I get home in the afternoon or evening). It's just more relaxing when the sheets are all cool, soft, and smooth. I always make sure I use cotton sheets, because we don't have air conditioning, and there's no better feeling than lying down on the cool cotton sheets on a warm evening. Also, I spritz a little (NOT a lot, because if you get to much it's overwhelming and exactly the opposite of relaxing!) Febreeze on our bed before I put the sheets on after I wash them. I also spray one or 2 squirts on our comforter. The clean cotton scent is just very springy and relaxing! Also, I just bought these black cherry scented candles...I try to light one about 30-45 minutes before we go to bed, so the room smells fresh and springy (or summery) when we jump in bed.
One of the best things about spring are the flowers! There is a beautiful lilac bush on the side of our house. Today Luke confirmed that it IS in fact on our property. I immediately ran out to snip off a few blooms from the beautiful, purple bush. I don't have any little vases, so I made do with what we had. This cute green jar used to hold an apple scented candle. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it once the candle burned down, because how cute does it look with lilacs spilling from the top? I love the purple and green together, and it brought the springtime into my kitchen :-)
Also in the kitchen, I have put away all my fall and wintertime teas. Now I just have my citrusy flavors out. Who doesn't love some peach or lemon tea on a cool spring night or morning? I also like to chill these and make peach or lemon iced tea. You can't go wrong with these! Oh, and they're sitting on the shelf I got at a garage sale for $2 a few weeks ago! Talk about a bargain...
I brought some spring in the bathroom, too! There's a couple of little brown shelves in the bathroom where I like to keep soaps, lotions, or sprays out so guests feel free to use them when they come over. I replaced all my wintery scents with some springy ones. And all the bottles just happen to be pink. No, that wasn't an accident :-)
Well that's about all I have for now. I'm learning that I can turn my house into an escape for my husband and I. This should be the little corner of the world where we can feel happy, comfortable, safe, and stress-free. I'm doing my best to turn it into just that kind of place. It's hard to do on a teeny tiny budget like mine, but it's doable!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday tomorrow. I am going on my long-awaited trip to the dentist for my x-rays. I'm really hoping my dentist gives me something for the pain! This is day 10 of the never-ending pain, and I'm ready to have some relief!


  1. That all looks great, good job! I will have to hunt down that peach tea, it looks great!

  2. It's hard doing stuff on a small budget, I know...but so worth it! You're doing a great job so far - I love all of your ideas!

  3. Oh, your lilac blooms are gorgeous! I love the smell of lilacs.


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