Saturday, May 30, 2009

iPhone Day!

Today is a day that Luke and his best friend JC have been waiting for for a long time. Luke even lovingly named today "iPhone Day." Our cell phone plans were up, and JC's just happened to end sometime last week too. So we all planned to go out and get our new phone upgrades this morning together. I just wanted a nicer phone, but I wasn't picky about what kind. Luke and JC, however, have been saving for MONTHS for an iPhone. Luke's been saving all of his budgetted splurge money for today's big purchase. He was very excited.

We arrived at the AT&T store at almost the exact moment that they were opening the door. Last night, Luke jokingly said he was going to sleep in a tent outside the store. And every time we drove past in the past few weeks, Luke has had to wipe the drool from his face :-P
I wanted to capture Luke's excitement in the parking lot while we were waiting for JC to get there. But Luke refused to cooperate. He refuses to play along whenever my camera makes an appearance. So here he is, looking "excited."
Once inside, Luke and JC headed straight for the iPhones, quickly told the sales people what they wanted, and spent the next 40 minutes buying them and having the sales associates give them quick tutorials. I, on the other had, was a typical woman, and spent a majority of the time going back and forth between phones, researching and making sure I picked out the most effeicient, cost effective phone. One that was still cute, though. In the end I decided on the Samsung Propel in green.

Once we finally exited the store, prized possessions in hand, I had to get a picture of JC and Luke with their iPhones. I told them they will probably want to remember this day for the rest of their lives :-P Don't they look happy?
And here's a picture of the iPhone itself. I had to beg Luke to please put it down while he was driving so we didn't get in an accident. Seriously.
The case is really RED, but somehow turned out pink in this picture. Trust me, my husband would not be caught dead with a pink phone case!

My little phone's not too shabby, either! For a mere $50, I got this little green beauty:
Call me weird, but this adorable green design on the back may have been the final selling point for this phone. I can't resist it, and absolutely adore this shade of green. Pink is my favorite color, but green's a close second.
So this morning was fun! I needed a new phone very badly. My old one had gotten lost out in my driveway in the snow for 3 days this past winter. Consequently, It was doing this thing where it would just shut off randomly for no reason at any given time. So I'm glad to have a new one! My goal is to keep this one and NOT ruin it, until our two year plan is up. Let's see if I can do it!

And I'd like to share some other good news! It's not secret that I LOVE to take pictures. I would love to learn more about photography, and am very interested. There's only one problem. Pardon my negativity, but my camera is a piece of crap.Luke bought it for me the Christmas before last. He only bought it because it was pink, and he thought the charger for my OLD Kodak Easyshare would work for it. It did not end up working. And Kodak cameras are not the best quality. At least the ones I've had haven't been. I've wanted a new one for so long! Finally, last night Luke casually mentioned that we should get one!! I was so excited! Turns out he's regretting purchasing the pink camera, because he's too embarrassed to take it anywhere with him!, we'd like one that takes better pictures. So we're starting a "camera fund" in the budget. We'll have ALL OF OUR DEBT PAID OFF IN THE NEXT WEEK!!! (except for the house). So it's about time to re-organize the entire budget, and we'll be able to add in a few "fun funds," like the camera fund, budget more money into our vacation fund, start saving for our fully funded emergency fund (money to cover 3-6 months expenses), and a "dream house down payment fund." Getting out of debt is fun you guys! If you're interested, you should definitely check out Dave Ramsey's website. We took his Financial Peace University class this winter, and it seriously changed our lives.

ANYWAY, all that to say, we're looking to buy this camera when we've saved enough for it. Perhaps it will be an anniversary gift to each other this July :-)
And I made Luke think about possibly buying a NICE camera when we have kids. Like, not a point & shoot digital camera. He wasn't a huge fan of the idea when he saw the pricetags on some of those cameras, but hey, we've got a lot of time to plan and budget :-)

And that's enough talk about "STUFF."

The rest of this weekend is going to be so great! Tonight one of our great friends, Michael, is having his graduation party. And there's a swimming party afterward at his house! I don't think my body is quite ready to be seen in a bathing suit yet this year, but at least it will be dark later!

Tomorrow Luke's youngest sister, Diana, is graduating from high school! I can't believe it...she was in middle school when we started dating. So we will be attending that after church tomorrow. And then tomorrow night Max is coming to stay with us for a week!! He is the first houseguest that we've had at our new house, and I really hope he is comfortable here! He's not picky though. As long as I keep him separated from Gabby, I think everything will be fine! Ha!

Here is the adorable little fella...
He's the reason I want a Maltese of my own. Too bad the strict budget won't allow it. He was an expensive little guy! But I'm trying to talk Luke into going to Alchemy Acres, the local pet rescue place, sometime next week. We might be able to find a little guy or gal down there to bring home with us! Summer starts in 4 days, after all. And I will have all the time in the world to train him or her! We will see....I'll let this week be a test week with Max to see how Gabby reacts!

I think it's about time to add another member to this family...even if it is just a furry one ;-)


  1. You should definitely get a dog - dogs are so much fun!
    I love your new phone - the design on the back would probably be my whole reason for buying the phone! It's a fashion statement, after all.

  2. Good for you for doing thr Dave Ramsey thing. My boyfriend and I have been doing it for months. We had our emergency fund, and had paid off a few credit cards in the debt snowball (at the end of which is around 20k in hospital bills), when I lost my job. We were making it work financially (and thank goodness for the emergency fund!), but the other day my boyfriend lost his job too due to cutbacks. Now we are moving in with my parents so we can save on rent and other utilities until we can get back on our feet. (This is not something I thought I would have to do at age 26 and he at 30!) Unfortunatly, this means leaving our friends here because my parents live in a different state. Sigh. I honestly think that that is the hardest part about this situation. Anyway, didn't mean to write a novel, but I just want to encourage you to stick with The Dave, he knows what he is doing!

  3. Congrats on the new phones! I am a sucker for colored electronic as well :)

  4. Yay! For the new phones! I bet they were like kids in a candy store! And Max is adorable! I hope you'll take more pics of him while your sitting for him!


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