Friday, May 1, 2009

Home Tour

My wisdom tooth (well, teeth, but only one of them is really giving me problems) REALLY need to be taken out. I need to get over my irrational fear of the dentist. But anyway, last night my tooth apparently decided to push against all my other lower teeth, trying to make more room for itself or something :-P I don't know if I've ever experienced pain like this for this long before. It was like a migraine in my mouth. the whole left side of my face hurt. I'm talking top and bottom of my mouth, plus even my temples, somehow, my ear, and the back of my neck hurt. It was so bad I got sick from the pain halfway through the night.

Needless to say, I got a total of about 20 minutes sleep before 6:00 AM. I debated over whether I should go to work or not. I decided that I was just going to call off. I never take off work, and there wasn't a lot going on today, so I decided, what the heck? I'll just take this Friday off as a day to rest and give myself an extra long weekend. Plus the pain keeps coming and going, and I know I would be useless at work today.

So anyway, I finally woke up around 10 and felt a little better. Of course the first thing I did was check out blogger, and I noticed Kelly at Kelly's Korner is doing kitchen tours. I'm not going to join her tour, but it inspired me to make a slide show of my own home. I've posted a few times about our home, but I don't think I've shown every room yet. So here you are, welcome to my home! A lot of these pictures were taken a few days after we moved in, so the place looks a little different now. But I didn't feel like taking all new pictures! So here you go :-)

We spent every free second of about 3 months renovating this was super ugly before! lol...Here are the "After" pictures:

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic day. Now I'm going to go take some Advil and hope they work! And then I'll relax and take some kitchen tours at Kelly's Korner until it starts working. Perhaps I'll even make an appointment with the hurts that bad :-P

Happy Friday!


  1. You have a lovely house! I like seeing pictures like that.
    What a coincidence, because it so happens that a couple months ago I had the same sort of pain in my mouth - realated to those wisdom teeth. And periodically since then they've given me pain too.
    I'm actually going for a consultation with an oral surgeon today, and I'm planning on getting them taken out within the month. No fun, huh? It was inevitable, I suppose. I kind of hate to have them taken out, because I always thought it was cool that I still had them. As a dental hygienist, I know it's probably for the best - as a normal person I'm thinking "NOOOOO!" Oh well. I'll let you know if it's terribly painful - or maybe I shouldn't! LOL!

  2. Your home is beautiful, your kitchen so bright and fresh! I love it. Hope you feel better!

  3. Tooth pain. Nothing's worse. Labor was easier! My you be out of pains soon.


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