Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go Tribe!

It was Faith and Family Night at Progressive Field tonight (where the Cleveland Indians play). Our whole church took a group to Cleveland for the game. I took lots and lots of here they are!

We decided to walk through a cemetery in downtown Cleveland to get from our van to the field. Because we're weird like that:
Look, leaves on the trees! Summer is on its way!
At Progressive Field:
We got Cliff Lee bobble heads!
Take one:
Take two:
Confession: I'm a little bit worried that our kids will have big, pointy ears. I mean, look at both of ours. I think I have a reason to be fearful :-P
One of the players gave his testimony before the game:
Warming up
Making sure Cliff's head was bobbly enough:-P
Luke and JC listened to the Cavs game while they watched the Indians.
We definitely had to get overpriced hot dogs with stadium mustard and cheesy waffle fries! It's not an Indians game without this good stuff!
Okay, so I have a little crush on #24, Grady Sizemore
Can you blame me?!
By the way, it was FREEZING!
Slider made an appearance in our section!
He likes to dance on dugouts and ledges.
And while he was getting a picture with the little kid a few rows in front of us, JC and Luke decided it would be funny to make these faces in the background. Because they are just that mature.We lost the game. But at least the Cavs won AGAIN! And there was a Thousand Foot Krutch concert after the game right outside the ballpark as part of Faith and Family Night!
"Throw up your rawkfist!"
Here are the guys walking through Cleveland after the fun, freezing, and exhausting night. These 3 are closer than brothers :-) I never thought I'd be this close to 3 guys, but somehow most of my friends are guys these days. I don't mind though, they are pretty fun!

And those are ALLL the reasons why I love going to Progressive Field as many times as I can each year :-) Have a good night!

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  1. How fun! I want to go to another baseball game so bad! Derek is going to take me to one, as soon as there is actually a home game we can go to.


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