Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Boy

It's official. My husband is now a quarter of a century old. He turned the big 2-5 today. I'm lucky my birthday is 6 months after his...I can always rub it in on May 2nd that he is the 'old' one :-)

I threw Luke a little birthday party/bonfire tonight. We invited our families over, and then our friends came over later. Luke's mom made his cake, because hers are the best! Seriously, she bakes the best cakes I've ever had.

We ate TONS of food, played cornhole, and chatted by the fire. It was a fun night with family and good friends. Of course you knew I'd have pictures, right?

Presents :-)Our families around the fire...and yes, that's a door leaning against the house. We just replaced my Grandma's front door (that's her apartment jutting out behind everyone) and Luke is trying to sell the old one on Craigs list. Until then, we'll just be rednecks :-)3 generations: Julie, Mom, GrandmaThis is a picture of Luke opening his favorite gift of the evening - a little flier for Youth Explosion (a HUGE youth convention held in Cleveland every year in November) from his best friend. The reason Luke received a flier for Youth Explosion, is because his band has been asked to lead worship for the whole weekend at the convention!!! This is huge, and probably their biggest gig yet...even bigger than when they opened for Remedy Drive this past February. I guess I'm married to a rock star! And I guess I'm a little bit proud of him :-)
Blowing out his candlesCornhole! In the dark, too...they must be good!
Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world! Glad I'll get to spend the next 25 years or so with him ;-)
In other news, Luke received an interesting assignment from his insurance company. We each received a pedometer from them, and 24 days out of the month, we have to use them and submit our results. Not sure why, but I'm totally excited about it! According to the papers we got, 10,000 steps in a day is equal to 30 minutes of exercise. That's the goal. Well look at this:

That's right, 13,251 steps! I blew 10,000 out of the water! And yes, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get ready for the party all day. But I thought that was pretty good! We'll see if I can beat it tomorrow ;-) This really inspires me to get moving!
One more thing before I call it a night. I have decided to get to work on my bucket list! One of my list items is to read through the entire Bible. I've read the New Testament, probably more than once. But I've only read bits and pieces of the Old Testament. I went online and found a "read through the Bible in a year" plan. I really like it because of the way it's organized. I printed out the year long plan, and hung it over my desk. I also broke it down into a fun little "Weekly Reading Plan" that I'm going to begin tomorrow. Here is what it looks like. I knew if I made it look pretty I'd be more likely to stick to it. Yeah, I'm weird like that:
And I taped it right on the inside cover of my Bible.
How convenient, right? I know I have to be organized and really dive into this if I want to stick to it all 365 days! I'm praying that I can do it.

Here's to birthdays, pedometers, and reading through the Bible in a year :-D Goodnight!


  1. Happy Birthday Luke!! That is so awesome that you set a goal of reading the bible in a year. I know you can do it!

  2. Happy Birthday to the hubby. Looks like you guys had great fun. But ummmmm, exactly what is cornhole? Similar to washers? -- I love my step's definitely a motivator to get moving. Have a great week. Blessings, SusanD


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