Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekly Splurge and Reorganize

This week's weekly splurge was super cheap, and it made one corner of my living room look 100% better! (If I do say so myself :-P)

Here's my simple little purchase:
I love the natural-looking brown vase which I got for a mere $6. I bought 2 sets of sprigs to put inside for $1 each. So in all I spent $8. I bought it all at Family Dollar on a whim because I needed some cat food on my way home from work. Here is how this simple little purchase spruced up one corner of my living room.

Here it is before...pretty boring, a little unorganized. Needs some work:
And the fact that this cord has been showing for the past 6 months (can't believe we've already lived here for half a year!) has been DRIVING. ME. CRAZY.
Here's my simple solution:
Just by moving things around, I hid the cord and created a more interesting space! Plus, by moving more baskets into the bottom of the TV stand, I created more storage space, which cleaned off the coffee table! I also brought a wedding picture and my wedding memory jar over to add another touch. And because they were cluttering my bookcase on the other side of the room. I like it!

I still hate the TV stand and I think we need to paint the little brown baseboard/heater thing (on my to-do list for this summer!) But for a mere $8, I think I did pretty well! I might put a little basket on the other side of the TV, because the fact that it's not symmetrical annoys me :-P

And just for an update on life in general, I found out yesterday that the school I work for wants me to be a math intervention teacher next year. I would enjoy this a lot more than what I'm doing now, and I'd have my own classroom! But there's one problem: they are expecting me to do the exact same job as the READING intervention teacher (except in math, obviously :-P) who gets paid a teachers salary, but they are still calling me an "aide" and not raising my pay or anything. It's kind of like a big slap in the face. But it will make it easy for me to tell them "no" if that's what I decide.

I could take this one of two ways. I could be thankful that I have a job, deal with the lousy pay and NO benefits, and just comfortably keep going day-to-day, glad that I have my own classroom, but not really HAPPY. Or I could take this as a sign that I should get the heck out of there and pursue something where I'd really thrive and be able to be used by God. This might be my reason to say "no" to the school, and find out what God has for me next.

Hmm, I'm going to be doing a lot of thinking in the next few months! They don't need to know my answer until right before the school year starts.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful May day like I am! Today is my sister's last day home, so I'm taking her out to CiCi's for dinner, and then we might meander through the mall for awhile after that :-) I'm excited, but I'll miss her until the next time she comes home!!


  1. I love your decorating fix, it looks great!

  2. The tv area looks great! I know how frustrating those "slap in the faces," feel like. My teaching mentor said it best when she said to "not consider the paycheck or the title, but consider if you want to give your best to help those kids."

  3. The job is a tough call. Did you ask them why they aren't going to be paying you the same as your co-worker? (Maybe they think you don't know how much she makes?) If it's a job you think you'll enjoy and be good at, maybe take the position and figure you can re-negotiate your salary later.

  4. They did something very similar at my school with reading intervention. The legal advice we heard was to see if you could not take it, simply because its wrong from them to provide you that without the title and pay, especially if you're a licensed teacher (and if you aren't, legally in some states like ours, you wouldn't be allowed to teach reading intervention. In Florida, you have to be a reading intervention certified teacher.) However, the lawyer did say that yes, times are tough, so take the job if feel its the only way you can hold onto what you have now.


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