Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Reasons I'm Happy :-)

Do you ever have one of those days where everything just feels right? Well today is one of those days for me. I feel like I'm starting to find my niche in life. It's pretty exciting. Anyway, I'll share a few of the reasons why I'm so happy today!

1. Luke and I are having another picnic dinner tonight! It was so nice last night to meet him before his softball game and spend some time together. It was so peaceful, too. We were the only ones around, and after we ate, we just layed down in the grass for a little while and relaxed. I even think Luke fell asleep for a minute and I was reading a magazine.

We ended up eating our picnic just sitting in the back of Luke's truck because there were no picnic tables around. We had barbecued chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes, grapes, chocolate chip cookies, and Sunkist.
We had a nice view of the park, but mostly just of the baseball field while we ate.
There's Luke sleeping before the softball team got to the field :-P
Here we are can tell the sun was in our eyes!
It was just a nice, quiet time together, since we're going to be so busy this week. We decided to do it again tonight. We're just eating some leftover barbecued chicken sandwiches and probably some sweet corn from my grandpa's garden. But it will still be nice! Luke's team won again last night, so they're still going strong in tournaments!

2. I'm happy because I finally got some things taken care of so I'm all set to sub this fall. I was putting it off simply because I'm not looking forward to the summer ending! But it feels good to have it done and out of the way.

3. I'm feeling good because I've been exercising. I guess what they say about endorphins is true. I found a feature on the Wii Fit today (Free Run) where you can run in place while holding the controller, and it tracks how far you "run." The best part about it is that you can watch TV instead of the boring Wii running track. So today along with Yoga and strength training, I also ran 3. 4 miles! It's so weird how running can give you MORE energy. I thought it would be the other way around :-P I see how people could get addicted to it! But anyway, I feel good! And I'm angry with myself for having such a dormant lifestyle for so many years!

4. I'm also happy today because vacation is a mere 1.5 weeks away. I can't wait until I'm laying out on the beach, or riding the roller coasters at Busch Gardens! And last night Luke even mentioned possibly taking another 2 day trip somewhere else after we get back from VA if we have any money left in the "Vacation" envelope (thank you, Dave Ramsey :-P). I'll write more about that later, if we actually decide to do it!

5. As I mentioned before, I feel like I'm finding my niche in life. For years I thought that my main purpose was to teach. But it turns out that I'm not really blessed to be a natural teacher. Mostly because I'm little and quiet, and classroom management is just a HUGE problem for me. Which in turn, makes me not like teaching, either. Well, lately I've realized that although God has not blessed me with gift of teaching, I think he has blessed me with the gift of nurturing. I love making people feel comfortable and I especially like making people feel special and incorporating special surprises into daily life. For example, I remember around Christmas time, I made a huge batch of puppy chow, just because. (If you don't know what that is, or have never had it, search the recipe on google NOW. It will change your life ;-) I know it goes by other names, too, but we call it Puppy Chow). At the last minute one night, my mom, sister, and I decided to go to a movie. I grabbed 3 little mini ziplock bags and filled them with the puppy chow. When the lights dimmed, I took them out of my purse, and passed them to Mom, Julie, and myself. They were excited, and I remember my mom turned to me, laughing, and said, "You're going to make a good mom someday." I don't think I'll ever forget that she said that.

So all that to say, now that I've found my passion of trying to make people happy, creating family traditions, making our house feel like a home, etc, I just feel so happy! It gives my life new meaning I guess, instead of feeling like a failure for not succeeding at being a great teacher. And I can certainly incorporate my passion into the classroom when I'm subbing this year!

Okay, so that was a really long post. But I get carried away when I'm excited about something!

What is your passion in life? What makes you TRULY happy? When we bless others with the gifts that God has given us, we are the ones who are really blessed in the end!


  1. Awww you two are SO cute! I love the picnic idea!!

  2. I love picnics too! Especially in the summer! :)

  3. The picnic is so cute! And the story about the movies is so sweet too!


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