Saturday, August 1, 2009

Item #82

Today I completed item #82 on my bucket list, which was, "play tennis with Julie."

4 items down, 96 to go!

It was only about 80 degrees, it was a little breezy, and every once in awhile the sun would duck behind a cloud. But it was still MISERABLY hot inside the fence on those tennis courts! It was fun, though, and I'm excited to get a second workout today! (The first one was an hour on the Wii Fit this morning! I've lost 2 pounds already. Not much, but I think it's pretty good considering my goal to lose 10 pounds in all).

Julie was MUCH better than me, because she played tennis in high school. But as the day went on, I got progressively better. Not GOOD by any stretch of the imagination, but better. I want to go more often because it's a good workout, and it's fun!

I wore my new Nikes from the little girl's section of Kohls (size 4). I don't think they look like little girls' shoes, though!
Here are the beautiful, new tennis courts at my old high school
Julie's getting ready
I got a few action shots:
MeI'll have to go with my dad next time...but he played tennis in high school and college, so maybe I better wait until I'm a little bit better first ;-)

Later tonight, I'm planning on ordering a pizza (probably erasing all the good I did for my body today) and then we are going to my parents' house for cake and ice cream for Julie's 22nd birthday. After that, I think Luke's family is coming to our house to see our Ohio State room (Luke has made some recent changes to it, and they haven't seen it yet) and to watch a movie. So it will be a busy, but fun night!

I hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend :-D


  1. Looks like ya'll had fun! :)

  2. I've always wanted to play tennis! That's on my list too - "Learn to play tennis". It looks so fun!


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