Friday, August 14, 2009

What Just Happened??

So this morning I had the task of talking to the principal of the old school where I worked, and telling her that I was going to sub this year instead of teach at that school district. Yeah, I know, I should have done it sooner! I had already told the office staff, but not her yet.

That lady must be somehow magically persuasive, that's all I have to say. The selling point for me was the fact that I will be doing math tutoring this year instead of what I was doing last year (that's a whole other post in itself). I'll be working one-on-one or with small groups. It beats being with the same 4 kids all. day. long.

I had every intention of substitute teaching this year. But the principal practically begged me to stay at Sebring. (Okay, that felt a little good, and might have contributed to my decision). As much as I want to be a stay-at-home mom, there's no reason to sacrifice the financially stability of our family NOW. I realize that now. I called Luke and asked him to help me make my decision, and he just said, "Don't go back just for the money. Make sure it's what you want to do." Which was so sweet of him. In the long run, I don't know if I would make more money subbing or being in the position I'm in now. But I do know that with this position, I will be going into work every day. I won't have to wait for a call. So the stability is worth the trade off. Plus, I have 13 sick days built up! I'll never use more than 1 or 2, but it's still nice. Not sure if they carry over into next year or not...

The main reason that I wanted to quit my job last year was because I felt taken-advantage of. That will probably be the case again this year, and my heart is sinking just thinking about it. And from here on out, I don't know if I'll take education classes to keep my license or if I'll go onto the whole medical transcription idea. Either way, my dream is still to be a stay at home mom. Possibly a home-schooling mom, if that is where God leads me. I also called my mom for advice, and she said, "If you keep your license, then you can always go back to teaching when your kids are in school, or grown up." And that is certainly a good thing to fall back on.

Ideally, I'd like to get my college credits to keep my license, AND take the medical transcription courses, so that I can do that when we have small kids. Then I'd really be set for life. But those things cost money! So we'll see.

The only thing I know about this situation, is that I'm feeling a peace in my heart. A peace that I haven't felt in awhile. So I know that God is with me, and He is taking care of me. Whether I'm a teacher, a medical transcriptionist, a stay-at-home mom, or whatever else I might ever decide to be.

Here's to the 2009-2010 school year. May it be better than the last one!! Or maybe it's my attitude that needs to be better. As much as I grumbled last year about my position and the school that I worked for, I can't help but be a little excited to see what the new school year will bring.

However, from this moment until Next Saturday, I refuse to think about anything job-related. Now everything is figured out, and I can turn my anxiety and all thoughts about my job off, because I'm leaving for vacation in 20 hours!! You won't hear from me for a few days, but next time you do, I'll probably be sitting on the balcony of our condo, watching and listening to the waves as I type :-) Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I hope the school year goes well for you this time! And if you are wondering how I'm writing this, they have free internet in the airport . . . nice, huh?

    Have a great vacation!

  2. I hope it all goes well. Just follow God's will and where He is leading you. Don't let them take advantage of you {which is much easier said than done, I know!} but at least with this job you will have stability and it is different than what you did in the past :)

  3. Enjoy your vacation! Good for you for telling yourself that you can't think about work, only relaxing!

  4. Relax and enjoy what's left the week!

    You can do this! Here's to an even better year! Praying for you!

  5. Oh girl!! We seriously are so incredibly much alike...I can't even believe it!! :)

    My dream, passion, to be a stay-at-home mom! I pray about it daily, however, I also pray that the Lord will bless me with a wonderful husband. I suppose that part needs to happen before the "stay-at-home" mom thing could possibly even happen, huh?!?!

    Anyway, I'll praying that this year goes much better for you. I would love to go into the details of what I just found out my year will entail, but I'll spare you the drama for now. You've got plenty on your plate. However, I'm always just a comment or email away:, if you ever just want to chat about the lovely profession of teaching!!

    Enjoy this last week!! :)

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