Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 3 - The Beach and the Boardwalk

Most of today was spent on the beach.
Julie and I made a sand sculpture of a turtle because it was the easiest thing we could think of to make. His neck's a little long...
We (as in Julie and I) tried skim boarding, and realized that we are both horrible at it. We still need lots of practice, and have the bumps and bruises to prove it!
We ate a delicious dinner at the condo, and then headed out on the town. First we went jungle mini-golfing...
Then we went shopping and walked on the boardwalk...
And we ended the evening by eating delicious ice cream cones and watching the awesome street performers.
Tomorrow is Busch Gardens day! I'm very excited about that! So I better sign off and get to sleep, because we're leaving somewhat early. so have a great night!


  1. Looks like ya'll are having a great time! Love the turtle! ;)

  2. Your beach pictures look exactly like where we went to the beach! It's so funny that we vacationed in the same area of the country, at the same time!


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