Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 4 - Busch Gardens: Europe

It was a hot day at Busch Gardens today...in the 90s and sunny! But we still managed to have a pretty good time :-)

I really loved the park because of all the beautiful scenery and theming. There were times when I really did feel like I was in Europe! ;-)
The rides were also pretty awesome. Lots of fun roller coasters! My favorite was Apollo's Chariot, but for everybody else, Griffon seemed to be the favorite. Luke took lots of pictures because he loved it!

Here's Loch Ness Monster...also one of the best rides of the day
And everybody's favorite, Griffon:
The car stops there at the top of the hill for about 5 seconds, and then drops you straight 90 degrees down. We sat in the front row. It was amazing!
We ate lunch at a cute buffet-style restaurant called Das Festhaus, where there was a live-music show.
The food was delicious! My cousin, who joined us for the day, got this HUGE slice of cake for us all to share. This picture doesn't even do it justice. Unfortunately, even between the 6 of us, we couldn't finish it!
I got this wrap, which definitely hit the spot. I like to try to avoid too many fried foods when I know my body's going to be shaken around like it's in a blender for the rest of the day! (I only ate 1 or 2 of the chips :-P)
Julie and I decided we wanted to go on a water ride to cool down. No one else felt like getting wet, so Luke took a picture of us on our way down the hill. I'm the one screaming, and Julie is leaning in toward me because she was nervous about the hill! It was fun :-) Can you find us??
Here's a picture before we went on a 3D ride...the joke was on me, because I thought Luke was also wearing his 3D glasses. Oh well, he tricked me. He's also not touching me because this was right after the water ride and I was soaked.
Here are Julie and my cousin Jake ready to go on the same ride.
So that was our day at Busch Gardens. I hope you're not getting too bored with my recaps and pictures! I feel like I haven't had time to read all of your blogs this week, but don't worry! I'll eventually get caught up :-) In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a super week!


  1. Wow those roller coasters look amazing! I love Busch Gardens, but have only been to the one in Tampa. Next time I am up in VA I will have to check out that one!

  2. Looks like your having so much fun!!!!

  3. Fun! I love roller coasters. *smile*

  4. This park looks so fun! I've never been there but since I live in VA I should definitely add it to my list!! So glad you are having a good time! And good for you for trying to avoid fried foods!!


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