Thursday, August 13, 2009

Procrastination can be Fun!

Last night I had every intention of packing and cleaning more. But then I got a better offer! Looks like I'll be busy up until the last minute preparing for our week-long vacation on Friday night! But that's okay. Is anyone else like me? I get really picky about deep cleaning every room in the house before we leave for a trip. I don't want one dirty dish, one piece of unfinished laundry, one bit of clutter, or one dirty spot to welcome me when I walk back in the door from our 9 hour drive home. So I probably make things harder on myself than I need to. I think this is a normal "woman thing." Anyway, last night I forgot about all that I still had to get done, and had fun instead.

I began the evening by going over to my parents house to help my mom get some last minute things ready for vacation. When she asked me to come over, I didn't realize that would include giving their almost-11-year-old Australian Shepherd/border collie a bath (It's just one dog, but 2 breeds if that was confusing!). Did I mention that she's terrified of water? It was no easy feat, but we accomplished it! Isn't she cute? She is the best, sweetest dog you could imagine, but her health is starting to fail :-( I bet I'll never be able to watch Marley and Me again, now that she's starting to remind me of Marley at the end of the movie/book!After that, Luke's band spontaneously decided to go out and have fun after their practice last night. My cousin Rachel and I were invited...we're married to band members, so we get to tag along to these things ;-)

After spending about 20 minutes deciding where to go, we all finally agreed upon Buffalo Wild Wings. My stomach is growling right now, just thinking about it! When we got there, I told Luke he could man the camera if he wanted, because I always do. He immediately snapped this picture of the cute buffalo glass,
And said in his best girly voice, "Hey, I can put this on my blog!" Everyone laughed, because he sounded just like me, and I gave him a mean look and snatched my camera back, all while laughing. That comment officially lost him camera privileges for the evening!

Here's part of our group/the band: Rachel (she's the other band-wife!), Jared, Marc, and LauraOn the other side of the table were myself, Luke, and JC. I didn't get any good pictures of our side, though. It's hard to get pictures of people on the same side of the table! Espeically when they won't cooperate :-P

The food was AMAZING, which I'm sure you know if you've ever been there! Jared started off with mozzerella sticks. I think they had extra-stringy cheese!
Lady and the Tramp...aren't they just too cute? They've been married for almost 4 years already!
Marc was brave and tried this's the biggest one I've ever seen.
I think I remember him saying, "I feel like I'm trying to kill myself by eating!" when he was about halfway done.
Most of us went with the traditional choice, and ordered some wings. Rachel and I both got the Asian Zing sauce on our wings, and it was AMAZING. a little spicey, but so good!
(Actually, in my opinion that's WHY they were so good. I'm the man in the relationship when it comes to spicey foods ;-) Luke can't handle them).

I ordered the boneless wings, and got laughed at when I ate my wings with a fork and knife. I don't like getting my fingers and face dirty and sticky :-P Do they not look just completely mouth-watering??

We ended the evening by renting the movie "Taken," and watching it at our house. Luke and I had already seen it, but it was definitely worth a second viewing. Have you seen it? If not, you should go out and rent it RIGHT NOW. It's good!

Everyone ended up heading home around midnight, so there was no time to work on vacation prep. But I'm okay with that. I still have two days left in which to complete everything, and I think that should be enough.

You may be wondering why I'm not working on vacation prep. right at this moment. All I can tell you is that I'm severely addicted to blogging. I decided that I'd let myself post this morning, and get caught up on all of you, and then I'm going to shut down the computer for the rest of the day so it's not a temptation! I'll be back later tonight, but not until I get a significant part of my to-do list tackled!

Have a great Thursday :-D


  1. Sounds like you hada great time! Ilove the movie Taken, and highly recommend it as well!

  2. haha sounds like a great night! I totally procrastinate I just got back from vacation and should be cleaning but well...
    I'm sure you will get it all done and if the house isn't completely clean you'll be okay! Have an amazing trip :)

  3. haha your pictures are too cute & it looks like you had fun! I am always talking about my blog & completely being made fun of as well. not cool! :)


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