Saturday, August 15, 2009

We're Here!!

(I didn't plan on posting today, but the rest of my family is asleep, and I for some reason still have energy coursing through my veins. So enjoy :-))

Let me tell you the story of my day.

6:00 AM: We set off for Virginia Beach! (Note that it was supposed to be about a 9 hour drive, so we should have gotten there around 3 or 3:30).

6:45 AM: I saw this beautiful sunrise while riding in the van through Pennsylvania. I was listening to Michael Buble on my mp3 player, and if I remember correctly, at this moment, I was listening to "It's a Wonderful World." What a perfect moment :-)12:00 PM: Things started going downhill. Here's what we were looking at on the road:
Cars as far as the eye could see. From 12:00 until about 4:00, were stuck in traffic. We were moving at speeds between 15 and 30 mph for those 4 hours. It. Was. Torture.

But from about 4-6, things really picked up! (Remember, we were supposed to ARRIVE at 3). We were starting to get really excited! Until we got closer to this tunnel at about 6:00.
Then traffic came to almost a complete stand-still for at least another hour. We were starting to lose our minds at this point, but we tried to make jokes out of the situation and keep each other laughing so we didn't all lose our tempers!

7:15 PM: We finally made it out of the tunnel, and traffic started moving quickly again! And look...we were almost there!! (We're staying in Sandbridge Beach which is actually a little south of VA Beach).8:00 PM: We finally pulled into our lovely condo at The Sanctuary Resort. I love the colors, and can't wait to take a picture of the whole thing tomorrow!
So a trip that was supposed to take about 9 hours ended up taking about 14. We had no idea what the hold-up was, until one of Luke's friends texted him and told him that The Little League World Series was supposedly being held in Williamsport, VA, which we had to drive through to get to the ocean.

After some confusion at the condo, we FINALLY made it to our room! Once we opened the door and saw how beautiful our condo was, all of our frustration just melted away. It's so nice here!!

Once we got all of our things unpacked it was dark. But we decided to take a walk down to the beach anyway. It was great...there's no better feeling than having the sand between your toes with the sound of the ocean waves in the background! Now I just can't wait until tomorrow when I can actually SEE the ocean and the beach!

We came back to the condo, ate some pizza, and now everyone's sleeping except me. Sitting in a car for 14 hours is exhausting!

Who knows when I'll be able to/feel like posting again, but here are a few pictures as I sign off. We've been at the beach for a mere 3 hours, and somehow I've already managed to take 58 photos!

Here's the view from our balcony. Some of the rooms in the condo have an ocean view, but ours has a Back Bay view. I think it's pretty beautiful! I can't wait to explore all the little restaurants and shops you can see in the picture:
Here are some condo pictures:
Julie got the kids's complete with toys and two sets of bunk beds :-PMy parents have the master suite with a HUGE bathroom, and this lovely, peaceful bedroom:
And Luke and I have this cute, blue bedroom. I love all the little details!
Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the living room before everyone threw their junk in there. But just know that it's really pretty, and there's a HUGE giraffe-print ottoman in the middle. That may be my favorite part of the whole's so cute and comfy!

Here are some DARK beach pictures:
Both of us:
Here's the awesome pool...I'll have to get some better shots of that whole area tomorrow. Along with the pier, the beach, our adorable porch, and the bay during daylight!
On the agenda for tomorrow: Some serious beach time! And my aunt, uncle, and cousins are visiting our condo (they just moved to VA, and they're the reason we chose this as a vacation destination). While they're here, we're going to have some cake and ice cream to celebrate my cousin Jake's birthday. And who knows what else the day will bring!

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Sounds like an eventful first day of vacation! I'm so close to you guys in distance right now - we're approaching Richmond as I write, so we're in the same state! We're headed up to DC right now - I hope the rest of your vacation is problem-free and relaxing!

  2. Wow, your condo is nice! I love having nice accomodations, I feel like I can really relax! Also, the little world series is held in Williamsport, PA not Williamsburg, VA. My family lives up in Williamsport and are so proud of their town for its "fame." haha.

  3. Oh, my your attitude is admirable! I'd have been freaking out about those hold ups! Traffic jams stress me out!

    Glad the condo is gorgeous! Praying for a good vacay for you and a nice, easy, traffic-free return!

  4. Callie: Yeah, you must be pretty close! We drove through Richmond yesterday :-)

    Brittney: Apparently Luke's friend was joking about the little league world series thing, which he just told me! Me and Luke both believed him. lol...guess I should have looked it up :-)


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