Friday, February 27, 2009

30 Hour Famine

If you haven't heard of 30 Hour Famine, it's an awesome experience for youth groups! Basically, the kids get sponsors to go 30 hours without food. They spend those 30 hours at the church doing fun, bonding activities, worshipping, and doing service projects. They are allowed to chew gum, drink water, and drink 100% fruit juice, but that's it! The money goes to World Vision to fight world hunger! The youth at our church take it very seriously. Last year, they raised over $20,000 through the famine! Our teens are amazing, and consider this one of the biggest events in their year (or at least I did when I was in youth group!) Here are some pictures of the famine from 2 years ago (for some reason I couldn't find any from last year). It's such an awesome time for the youth. Not only are they helping others, but this weekend helps them grow so much spiritually!

Here's the One80 Band (my hubby's band!) Leading worship

Here are some leaders...the camo get-ups were part of an elaborate game they played. Luke's the tall one on the right side...I think he looks cute, even though he's a little shaggy with the facial hair!

The kids spend about 4 hours on Saturday doing service projects before they have their fun activity (bowling, roller skating, or a fun game).
And at about 7:00 on Saturday night, the 30 hours are up, and they have a huge "break the fast" meal. Usually they have TONS of amazing food for the kids. It's always fun to share a big meal together after such a growing and bonding weekend. Here's the looong line:

This weekend is the 2009 famine. Last year at this time, I was still a middle school youth group leader. I have since realized that I am just not called to work with middle schoolers. Give me a roomful of 3rd graders, and I can shine. But middle schoolers are like another species altogether. I was asked to be a leader at the famine this year, too. I thought and prayed about it, and realized that God didn't want me to help reluctantly, and with a bad attitude. I told our youth leader, Alex, that I just couldn't be a leader. BUT, I would love to help with anything behind the scenes. He told me that that was actually an answer to prayer, because he needed someone to run the juice breaks, take pictures, and set up and lead a really involved game that the kids are playing tomorrow. (The game is a series of challanges that will help the kids know what it would feel like to be in a third world country. I'm pumped about leading that!)

So although I won't actually be working with the kids much, I will be at the church most of the weekend helping in the background. I'm excited to serve the kids, and to take LOTS of pictures. I am the camera queen, you know ;-)

Last year I had a heavy heart, and NOT a good attitude about helping at the famine. But since I was honest with Alex and told him where I felt more called to help, I'm SO excited about this weekend. I have a great attitude about it, and can't wait to head up to the church in a few hours!

I guess I said all that to say that when we're very involved in church, we get asked to help with a lot of things. But it's okay to say no if you don't feel it's an area where God has gifted you! God wants to use you to bless other people. If you have a bad attitude, no one will be blessed. But if you have a good attitude, you will bless others, and you will, in return, be blessed!

Have a great weekend! Please keep the 120 teens from our church who are doing the famine, and especially the youth leaders in your prayers this weekend. I know when I was in youth group my life was absolutely CHANGED every year during 30 hour famine. I pray that the teens will have a new outlook, and a closer walk with God by this time tomorrow afternoon!


  1. That sounds like an amazing event... I love that your youth takes it so seriously and works so hard. Awesome!! Have a great time with it:)

  2. I've heard about this! It sounds so amazing.


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