Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Brighteners

We all have bad days every once in awhile. Or maybe we're so busy, we feel totally burnt out.

When we are feeling down, we need to take care of ourselves! God calls us to Him when we are weary , and he will give us rest. He can't use us when we are feeling so burnt out that we have a bad attitude.

I had "one of those days" yesterday at work. It inspired me to write about my top 5 "day brighteners." If you need a pick-me-up in your day, or if you just need some alone time to pray and worship, try one of these suggestions.

#1: Take a relaxing bubble bath

I'm talking the whole 9 yards: mountains of bubbles in your favorite scent, bath salts, candlelight, and relaxing worship music playing in the background. I don't know of anything that relaxes me more than this does. You will feel totally relaxed, warm, and comfortable afterwards. This can turn your mood right around!

#2: Take a walk...alone

I wouldn't recommend doing this unless it's at least 40 degrees outside! But being alone out in the fresh air and beauty of God's creation always makes me feel so close to Him! I like to pour my heart out to God while I walk after a bad day, and I always seem to come back with a new attitude.

#3: Go to bed early - with a cup of tea
After a hard day, I like to pour myself a cup of chamomile-mint tea, bring my laptop into my bedroom, and drink my tea while I catch up on my favorite blogs in bed! My cat, Gabby, likes to curl up by my feet, and it's just a cozy, relaxing way to end a hard day. Plus, you won't have any trouble falling asleep after all that relaxation!

#4: Make plans for later

Plan a movie night or date night with your husband, a girls night with your friends, or even a road trip or vacation! I've found that focusing on fun, future plans can help you forget about the horrible day you just had. It gives you something to look forward to, changes your mood, and changes your perspective.

#5: Music!
Music heals the soul, and relaxes you after a long day. If I've had a particularly hard day, I like to go in my bedroom, turn the lights out, lie down, and listen to worship music on my mp3 player. It's like shutting off the rest of the world, and focusing only on praying and worhipping through the music. God WILL speak to you during those quiet moments.

So have you had a busy, hard day today? Try one or more of these suggestions. God wants you to be in a happy mood and in a good frame of mind in order to carry out His will. So take some time out for yourself every once in awhile. Trust me, your family and those around you will thank you for it, because you will be so better able to serve them afterward!


  1. I like the bath idea, that with ordering out would definitely help make a hard day better!

  2. What lovely suggestions!! I'm a bath girl, I love them. Sorry you had a bad day yesterday, hope today was better.

  3. Speaking of plans for later.....did you ever decide on a vacation spot? Maybe you did and I missed that day. I'm headed to relax w/a cup of tea. Great ideas! Blessings, Susan

  4. Thanks for the great ideas!! i'll keep them in mind for a bad day :)

  5. Great post. A bubble bath sounds so good right now!!


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