Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a Sunshine Day

(I just love that song from the Brady Bunch!)

It's been in the 40s all weekend! It's been WONDERFUL! Yesterday the sun was shining all day. Today it got a little cloudier, but I don't even care. The snow mostly melted, and I can see the green (well, sort of brownish green) grass! I can wear my cute little mary jane flats without having to worry about getting my feet wet! I wore a short sleeved shirt last night! Life is good :-)

The rest of this weekend after the concert was so great. The warm weather just gave me energy, put me in the best mood, and made me feel perfectly content all weekend :-)

Saturday morning Luke and I slept in until 10! We were still exhausted from the concert Friday night. I cleaned the house all day while Luke worked on cleaning up the flooding we were experiencing in our yard from all of the melting snow.

Luke and I have been budgeting our money very carefully because we've been taking a class from Dave Ramsey at church. We each have a certain "allowance" each week now for entertainment, clothing, going out to eat, and anything extra. I had only spent $5 on those things all week, and Luke had not spent any, and actually gained an extra $10 because his friend payed him back some money he owed him. Since we had been so good all week, and since the weather was beautiful, we decided to go out and celebrate last night!

We headed into the little town of Salem. We ate at BB Rooners, a cozy little sports bar. They serve the best burgers I've ever had! So I had a cheeseburger and fries, and Luke had a fish sandwich that looked to-die-for. After that we ran some boring errands, and decided to rent a movie, "My Best Friend's Girl." We watched it when we got home. It was okay, but a little crewd!

Today was church and Sunday school. Then Luke went to play some basketball with some friends. I was thankful for a little "Me Time." I watched some TLC, and went to Wal-Mart to get a prescription filled. While I was waiting, I browsed through the craft section. I hadn't really looked at Martha Stewarts collection at Walmart, but it was amazing! There were so many cute scrapbooking supplies, paper, and stickers. I think i'll be spending a lot of time there once I FINALLY get started on my wedding scrapbook. You should definitely check it out!
Today during my spare time, I also completed Luke's Valentines Day present. Here it is! (Not loving my upward-slanted, sloppy handwriting at the top, but it's too late to fix it!)
I bought some cut stickers in the craft section today, and couldn't resist using a few on Luke's card. I especially love this one:
And I'm also going to pick up a pair of these for him: We saw them when we were out last night and he practically drooled over them. Our house is freezing, so slippers are a must. And they looked comfy I guess. And he's a guy, so he liked the camo. I'm not going to tell him that they're ugly :-P

I'll leave you with one more picture from this weekend. My cat loves plastic bags. She loves to play with them, and lie in them. My mom made me some curtains for the bedroom, and dropped them off yesterday. I left the bag she had them in on the bed for a few seconds, and Gabby jumped right in. She proceeded to sleep there for 2 or 3 hours. Weird, but cute :-)


  1. Sounds like a great, productive weekend! The V-day frame is so cute!

  2. Hi Jessica! I love your V-day present for Luke, it's a good idea!
    I like to read your blog!

  3. Awww so cute!! I love your VDay present for Luke!


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