Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Puppy Love

Tonight Luke and I went to a surprise birthday party for his cousin Jack. He turned 9 today! My sister-in-law just happened to bring home her brand new puppy today too! So of course she brought her to the party! She is only 6 weeks old. Can you guess what kind of dog she is from this picture?

She's a purebred Great Dane! That's why she's so big. At 6 weeks, she weighs 16 lbs! She will get a lot bigger, but she sure is cute right now! The picture doesn't do her justice. She is so cute! She has that droopy, sleepy-looking face, and it just makes her look adorable! She has wrinkly skin, but she is as soft as velvet with her short hair.

Maria and her husband had a deal: one of them got to pick out the puppy, and the other got to name it. So Maria picked it out, and her husband decided to name her Calypso. I guess it's a fitting name for a HUGE dog, but she will go by Caly, which I think is adorable :-)

Here is "Mommy" (Maria) today with all the other Great Dane puppies when she got to bring here baby home:
And here's "Daddy!" (Maria's husband, Luke...let me tell you how confusing it is for my husband, Luke, to have a brother-in-law who's also named Luke!!) There were a LOT of puppies!
Needless to say, I'm really wanting a puppy now! I definitely don't want anything as big as a Great Dane! And Luke really doesn't even want anything bigger than a beagle. This summer when I'm off from work and have a lot of spare time, we MIGHT get one. I've been thinking about it for a looong time, and know it's not a decision that should be made spur of the moment. We'll see...the verdict's still out on that one :-)

I will tell you that my brother-in-law Luke (We call him Lucas to end the confusion, even though his real name is actually Luke) was against the idea of getting a puppy at first, but when he took Maria to see Marley and Me, it changed his mind! Maybe my Luke will become a little bit more of a dog-lover when I make him watch it. I've already seen it, and don't really want to re-live the sobfest, but if it makes my Luke think more positively about getting a puppy, I'll endure it :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening! I'm going to do some serious thinking about this whole puppy idea :-)


  1. Your blog is sooo cute, love it!!! And those puppies, ahhhh! I want one so bad!


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