Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Married to a Rockstar!

So tonight was the big Remedy Drive concert...and Luke's band opened for them! I was so proud of him :-)

Luke's band got to eat dinner with Remedy Drive before the concert. After the concert I asked him what they were like. He's not a big talker, so all I got out of him was that the bass player was hilarious, the lead singer was actually a little rude to them (which sucks! Oh well) and the rest of them didn't talk much. These are probably the most famous people that Luke has ever eaten dinner with! it was a big deal.

The actual concert was awesome. The auditorium was pretty full of high schoolers (and a few old people, like us! :-P) Luke's band did an amazing job! The crowd was screaming for them, which I know made them feel pretty good. And Remedy Drive was pretty amazing as well. Here are the few crappy pictures I managed to get on my crappy camera :-P JC (the bassist) is an amateur photographer, and took some awesome pictures of Remedy Drive after he was done playing, so I'll probably be posting more pictures later!

I had to get a picture of Luke's drumset and the stage before the concert
Luke and some of his bandmates were getting pumped up for the concert at this point! Mingling with the crowd...Here they are: the one80 band!!! (I know this picture sucks, but it's the best my little Kodak point and shoot could do!)
Here's the best pictures I could get of can sort of see him behind the lead singer, Jared. Jared was in front of him the whole time, and I'm bummed I didn't get a good picture of Luke! Oh well, maybe someone else did.
And, my camera batteries were just about dead by the time Remedy Drive came on, but here's the best one I got of them:
I got one more picture before the night was through: Luke, JC and the band's sound guy, Doug after the concert. they were pooped!!! But happy :-)

Well, tonight was pretty fun, and something we'll probably always remember. They may never get a chance to play with a big band like this again. (I'm considering Remedy Drive "big" because they have one song that's frequently played on Christian radio stations. Maybe they're not quite big, but it's still a pretty big deal to me and Luke!!) I'm exhausted, though, and I'm content to live with a man who usually rocks out on Sunday mornings, and not at 9:00 on Friday nights. I'm not cut out for staying up this late now that I'm an old married woman! And Luke's not even home yet...he's still unloading equipment at the church. That's the only reason I'm not fast asleep already :-P we will definitely be sleeping in late tomorrow!

Have a great weekend! And you should definitely check out the one80 band's myspace and listen to their original songs if you get the chance ;-) I'm such a proud wife :-D

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