Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls' Afternoon Out and New Name Reveal

Today was an absolutely wonderful day! Julie (my sister) is home from college this weekend! I spent the afternoon out with Julie and my mom. We went to a new restaurant in town for lunch. It was delicious, and so cute! Julie is going to school for interior design, and just LOVED the lights there. She stole my camera and took 5 pictures of them because she said she could use them in some of her designs.
It's funny the things she gets excited about! I love her though, and she is my best friend. Can you tell we're sisters? People used to get us mixed up in high school, even though I was 3 years older! (This was before she lost 10 lbs and I gained 20 :-P)
Anyway, we spent the afternoon browsing at the craft store and scrapbooking stores at the mall. We also bought gifts for my Grandma, who is turning 84 tomorrow! We're taking her out to lunch to celebrate :-) Here is what Luke and I got her. We haven't given her any wedding pictures yet!
These pictures were actually taken a week after the wedding because my photographer didn't get any good, formal ones of just me and Luke! (We were a little less than satisfied with her work!) A week after the wedding, right after I got 10 inches cut from my hair, our moms were nice enough to rent Luke's tux again, and we had our friend JC take about 200 formal photos of us, our parents, and grandparents. They turned out great! I guess it's okay that we both have different haircuts than we did at the wedding :-P And don't you love the frame? I thought it was perfect for a wedding photo, and I might buy another one for myself!
Okay, now for my new blog name reveal!

I've been thinking a lot about what I should call my blog because I'm just not happy with "Becoming Me." It's kind of boring. So I decided that my new name will be:

Called to Serve

I feel that God has called us all to be servants. In my life right now I'm trying to stop being selfish, and to do what God has called me to do! This might mean serving my students at work by loving them unconditionally, and helping them with whatever they need. It could also mean serving my husband (and future children) by making a nice, comfortable, inviting home and ATTEMPTING to make good meals ;-) It could mean serving fellow believers by providing a place for fun and fellowship in our home. Or serving non-believers by loving them and witnessing and ministering to them. It could mean serving those in the community by donating, helping at the church, or doing community service projects. But most importantly, it means serving God by giving my life over to Him, and following His will in everything!

I think this name is more fitting for where my life is right now. I'm learning to be a servant, but it's so hard sometimes! However, it will always be totally worth it.

I will officially change my blog name as soon as I make myself a new header! I'm afraid I may be spending LOTS of time on picnik in the near future :-)


  1. What a great new name :) It is hard, definetly, but you're definetly taking a step in the right direction with all your ideas!

    And I just wrote on my blog that I can't quit playing with picnik! It's so addicting

  2. I love your new name! It really suits you and your life. I discovered another new photo editor that you can also make collages and stuff with. It is called Picasa and is free to download, it is an actual program. I like it better than Picnik.


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