Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly Splurge

It's that time again...time for my weekly splurge! My weekly splurge is the one or 2 things I buy each week that are totally selfish purchases. Total wants, and not needs.

Here they are...my week 2 splurge picks. Can you tell I was thinking spring today? (Gabby wants the flowers, not the jelly beans. I had to move them to a high spot where she can't get to them!)
Last week I wrote about 5 things that were on the wish list for my home. One of the things on my list were fresh flowers. So that's what I bought with my weekly splurge money today! I also purchased the vase in which they are placed, today. Plus I bought some Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, my favorite kind! Our house will be stocked up with these, brightly colored, delicious treats until at least Easter!

I decided I needed to start adding some springtime items into our home. Mostly just for my sanity! The flowers and jelly beans made me think of spring! And although it's not quite spring yet, it's close enough to start packing away the winter decor and start breaking out the happy, springtime things!

For example, Today I put away my snowman candy dish:
And replaced him with a small, glass canister filled with my jelly beans! The room feels happier already!
That's all the splurge purchases I have for now! Tune back in next week when I plan on buying new towels for the bathroom (we got about 50 bath towels as wedding gifts, but none of them match each other, and certainly none of them match our bathroom!) and possibly an adorable "Better Homes and Gardens" picture frame from Wal-Mart I plan to fill with some black and white pictures. It's hard to be on a budget, but fun to look forward to purchasing little things now. I appreciate things so much more, and really think about what I want to buy, now.

Here's to dreaming of spring :-)


  1. I love it!! Both the jelly beans and the flowers are so bright and cheerful. My kitty wants to eat any kind of flowers or plants, too, even fake ones.

  2. Yay for spring coming!! I love the jelly bean jar, so fun!


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