Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mission: Organization

I've decided that next week I will begin my spring cleaning. I know it won't technically be spring until March 21, but as soon as March 1 hits, I go into "spring mode." Even though it will still be cold and snowy, I refuse to call the season "winter" for another day after February 28!

Today's post is quite boring, but I'm trying to get myself ready for the daunting task ahead of me. Here is a spring cleaning to-do list of all that I hope to accomplish:

1. Clean out and organize refrigerator and all cupboards in the kitchen.
2. Organize attic closet
3. Organize bedroom closet and dresser (again!)
4. Organize hallway cabinets and drawers
5. Organize bathroom cupboards

Considering the fact that we had exactly 6 days in November to move everything we own from our apartment to our new house, which we were in the middle of renovating, EVERYTHING got thrown in closets, cabinets, drawers, and any other available space that wasn't being torn apart and rebuilt! (How's that for a run-on sentence?!) Let's just say that not all of those closets, cabinets and drawers got completely cleaned out yet! I keep putting it off because there's nothing less fun than organizing messy spaces. But it needs to be done! I decided to devote next week to the task
And now since I'm thinking spring, here are some signs that spring is getting ready to make an appearance. If you're from a place like Ohio that dramatically experiences the season of winter, hopefully this list will give you some hope!

-It's 53 degrees at this very moment!

-It was light this morning at 7:10 when I left for work

-Our clocks are scheduled to "spring forward" next Saturday (March 8)

-Easter candy and decorations are out in most stores. Hello, Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans and Jelly Bellies!

-One of my students today said, "Mrs. Wallace, I saw a red bird outside this morning. Spring is coming!" The excitement in his eyes and voice was so precious. I also heard some birds chirping happily last night when I was outside.

-I've seen kids at work wearing their St. Patrick's Day attire already

-Can you say Shamrock Shakes? Not sure if they're at McDonalds yet, but we like to make our own this time of year! Too bad I'm lactose intolerant, and pretty much feel like I'm going to die after drinking one. Every once in awhile, though, it's worth it!

-The air just feels different - I can just tell that winter is almost over. Sure, it will probably still snow well into April here, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm hoping for more warm days than frigidly cold ones from here on out. The earth really IS about to wake up from it's long slumber. We're about to experience beautiful, blooming flowers, bugs and little critters coming out from hiding, rain, rainbows, green leaves, green grass, flip-flops, t-shirts, car windows down, and SUNSHINE!!!

Praise God for His beautiful springtime creation! And for a hard winter that makes us appreciate spring so much!


  1. We have slightly started ( started I mean thought about) doing our spring cleaning. My house needs it, guess it's time to just get to it!!!

    And that sundae looks DELICIOUS :)

  2. P.S., I left you something on my blog!!

  3. We are definitely on the same path here. I'm on spring break next week and have cleaning/organizing on my list too. Plus, yesterday I saw daffodils that had busted through the ground and had buds. I took a picture of them that will be posted on my photo blog Sunday. Y-A-Y.....Spring! Blessings, Susan

    ps - it was almost 70 here yesterday. sweet!

  4. I just organized my mom's cabinets in my parents new house!! I just loving having an organized kitchen with all like things together in the same cabinet! And I am definitely ready for flip-flops!! Just bought some cute ones, now I'm ready for spring weather :)! Enjoy your day today,


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