Monday, February 16, 2009

Beautiful in God's Eyes

Saturday evening (Valentines Day) ended up being great! My chicken stir fry turned out to be pretty tasty. I was breathing a sigh of relief that evening that I didn't ruin the meal somehow. I have a tendency to do that sometimes :-)

This is one of my favorite meals (It's Luke's all-time favorite). I LOVE all the onions and peppers and vegetables in it. They filled the whole house with their savory scent for the entire evening. I loved it :-)
I even set the table, complete with my nice Mikasa dishes. You know it's a nice dinner when I break those out instead of our Target everyday dishes ;-)

Then we exchanged gifts. This is what Luke got for me:
Does he know me or what?! He told me he was going to buy me flowers, but didn't want to buy them a day early and have them not be fresh on Saturday. I said, "It's okay, Luke. You know chocolate always trumps flowers in my book!" And it does. I would much rather receive chocolate than flowers any day :-)

We had fun going to see a movie, and then when we came home, we watched Scrubs re-runs. I know, romantic, right? Well, to us it is! haha

Yesterday was a great day. After church, dinner at the in-laws, and our FPU class, I received a big blessing! We were still at church after FPU, and Luke went upstairs where the youth group kids were hanging out. He needed to talk to the youth leader who is one of our good friends. Luke ended up getting sucked in by a game of hockey the kids were playing, and he decided to join in. I keep saying that he's 15 at heart :-P While he continued to play for the next hour, I had the opportunity to chat with Michelle, the youth leader's wife.

Michelle is an amazing woman. She's 26 years old, and already knows exactly what she wants in life. She doesn't wear make-up, doesn't get caught up in wearing the right clothes, and just isn't materialistic at all. She and her husband just paid cash for their first house a few months ago. It was a little $7,000 house that was obviously falling apart at the seams. She and her husband are living in an apartment while they completely gut the house and make it their own. They're paying for everything as they go, and making it a long-term project. I just think that's awesome. When they're done, they will have a house without a mortgage while they are still in their 20s! They are just smart people. They eat only healthy foods and they go to the gym 5 days a week because they truly believe that their bodies are God's temple and it's their responsibility to take care of them. Michelle has her teaching license, but has decided to devote her time to the youth at our church instead of teaching full-time. She and her husband are waiting to have kids, because they eventually want to do a lot of missions work. Now is that a Godly woman or what?!

Anyway, I was excited to have the chance to talk to her a lot last night. We talked about lots of things, but somehow got on the topic of my one-year-anniversary trip. I told her that we want to go somewhere, but didn't want to spend a lot of money now that Dave Ramsey has made us feel guilty about spending :-P She suggested that we go backpacking! She and Alex (her husband) have gone a few times, and they love it. It gives them a chance to just be alone in nature, and it's totally romantic. And the best part? You only have to pay for food and gas to get to wherever you're going.

I'm not typically a very out-doorsy girl. But this gave me something to think about! How romantic would it be to just explore nature, just the two of us? We could sleep out under the stars if we want, cook all of our meals over a fire, swim in a lake, just talk for hours with no distractions. The drawbacks, of course, would be the bugs, no running water, and no toilets! I'm not sure that I'm quite ready for something THAT rugged, but we could just go camping somewhere like Kelley's Island, or anywhere else with a big lake. It would be cheap. And for our first trip together (besides the honeymoon), we might go with something cheap. Someday when we've saved up a lot of money we'll go to the Bahamas or on a cruise. But for now, we're trying to save money like crazy, so a nature-filled camping trip might be the way to go. I mean, if you ask me, romance is what you make it. We could still have a great time! And we haven't gotten the chance to use our tent that my parents got us as a wedding gift. This would be the perfect opportunity!

Anyway, Michelle gave me a lot to think about. She is a woman who is truly beautiful in God's eyes (that's also the title of a book I'm reading in Sunday School, and it is what I truly want from life - to be beautiful in God's eyes). I look up to her a lot, and hope to be a little more like her someday!

I will leave you with a few pictures another friend of mine took while backpacking in Colorado. Tell me these aren't just breathtakingly beautiful and romantic!:

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  1. I think camping is so much fun! It is a lot cheaper than going on a trip. Those are beautiful pictures but it looks cold there, brr. What a cute little Valentine's dinner!


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