Sunday, February 22, 2009

Answered Prayers

Today was my grandma's 85th birthday! (I thought it was birthday #84, but apparently I was a year off!) She is a special lady, and will soon be living in the back apartment of our house!

Let me explain. God answered lots of prayers at one time last summer! My grandma had been living with my aunt and uncle, but they had planned to move to Virginia. Grandma didn't want to move away from all of her friends (obviously! She's 85!) It just so happens that my aunt and uncle owned a rental property in Damascus (where Luke and I already lived). God gave Luke and I a HUGE blessing, because we bought my uncle's rental house! We live on the top floor and rent out the other 2 apartments. It's been a great situation for us! And that's not the best part. This was also an answer to my grandma's prayers, because now she is able to move into one of our apartments, and doesn't have to leave the place she's called home for most of her life! God is amazing how he works things out sometimes!

For Grandma's birthday, we took her out to lunch. Afterward, we all came to her future apartment for cupcakes! My dad is doing some major renovations in there right now, to make it handicap accessible in case she is ever in a wheel chair. But we ate there anyway, and spent a few hours making decisions on paint colors and decor. Grandma could not have been more excited!

I'm a little nervous about her moving in, because I feel responsible for her. But I'm so glad she's staying here! She is such a Godly woman, and such an inspiration to me!

Here she is about to blow out her cupcake candles...isn't she cute??
She'll be moving in in April or May, and she's really excited. I'm excited to have someone to bring my leftovers to and to visit with when Luke has all of his guy friends over! I'm sure Gabby will be visiting her a lot too ;-) Hopefully grandma will learn to love our crazy cat!

Grandma is picking out all the paint colors and everything else herself! I'll have to post some Before and After pictures. For an 85 years old lady, she has pretty good taste!

Remember, if you have a difficult situation in life like my Grandma did, God can take care of it! And he might bless someone else in the process, too, as Luke and I were blessed through this situation!


  1. How sweet!! That will be nice for you to have her close by. I'm glad everything worked out so well.

  2. Your grandma is so cute :) She looks super excited about those cupcakes!

  3. What a blessing! I so miss my Granny. Enjoy every precious moment of this rich blessing. Susan


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