Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Splurge

I have to admit that my posts have been a little on the BORING side lately :-P What can I say, not much has been going on in my life lately! Since not much is going on, I decided to devote my posts to cooking, my home, and other practical yet fun things that I, being a typical newly-wed, am focusing on. At least until my life gets a little less boring :-)

So welcome to the newest addition to my blog: my "Weekly Splurge." Let me explain. Luke and I are trying to save money like crazy as we are following Dave Ramsey's plan. Instead of just spending money whenever we feel like it and not keeping track of what we spend, we have started a weekly allowance system. Since we're trying so hard to save money, our allowance each week for entertainment and extra things is not a huge amount. So now every thing I buy is a little more special to me.

Every week with my allowance I spend a little bit of money on one or two things that are total wants and not needs. I call them my weekly splurges. I've decided to start showing my weekly splurges in my blog. This week my splurge purchases were for my home, as they probably will be a lot of the time. I feel like our house needs a LOT more, it's still pretty bare from when we moved in this past November. Anyway, here are this week's splurge picks (minus all the candy):
I got the wooden, square bowl at Wal-Mart for just over $7. It's filled with all of our Valentines Day candy and cards...those weren't part of the splurge purchase :-) I also got the little country candle at Wal-Mart for a little over $5. My house isn't exactly country, but I'm a country girl at heart, and love to have touches of it here and there in the house. I'm excited about my cheap little splurges, and I'm excited to display them on Friday when I have a girl's night at my house. I'm going to fill the bowl with puppy chow, the most delicious party snack I think I've ever had. And the candle fills the whole house with it's comforting, apple-cinnamon scent. I think I did pretty well for about $12 or $13!


I'm really into the whole home decorating thing right now. So I thought I'd share my house wish list with you as well today! Here are 5 things I really want for my home right now. And they are all things that I could buy with my allowance money, so nothing too huge (I feel a little bit like an 8-year-old using the word "allowance!")

#1: Apothecary Jars
I think they are so pretty, and you can fill them with almost anything! For example:
Misc. Decorative Items:
The possibilities are endless, really!

#2: A picture, sign, or wall decal for above our headboard
Something like this:

#3 A wreath or Swag for my front door
Maybe a little something like this:
#4: Fresh Flowers
I believe that a house should always have fresh flowers. My mom used to be a florist, so I grew up with that philosophy. I for some reason never seem to have them at my house, though! I hope to start changing that soon!#5: A New Teakettle
My teakettle is not cute. I use it at almost every day to make tea, hot cocoa, or freshly brewed iced tea (Iced tea is pretty much all Luke and I drink :-P). I always just leave it on top of the stove since it's used so often. I would love to buy an adorable teakettle and make it a focal point of that part of my kitchen.

How adorable is this one? Too bad it doesn't match my kitchen :-P

This, however, would be perfect!

Hopefully my weekly splurges in the future will include some of these purchases!

Now what about you? What are 5 little things on your home's wishlist?


  1. i seriously think that every single thing you have on your list is something that i want for my house!!
    i have these little silver balls that i need a apothecary jar for... and we rent, so i can't really do the sign above my bed, but i've seen them at hobby lobby and loooove them!!!

  2. I love apothecary jars!!! Their so beautiful!


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