Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Face Your Problems, Don't Facebook Them.

The title for this post is a quote I found (where else?) on Pinterest. And I literally shouted "Yes!" out loud when I read it. My thoughts exactly as of late.

I have a few friends on Facebook who can find something negative to say about any situation you could ever possibly think of. And they're usually trivial things. I feel depressed just reading their posts. This is who they remind me of:

As more and more of these "Eeyores" have been popping up recently, I decided to take a look at my own Facebook page. And while I am not negative all the time, I've posted some negative things that I probably didn't need to. Does everyone care or need to know that I'm having "one of those days?" Or that I'm not feeling well? Or that I'm angry about gas prices? Etc? The answer is no. No they do not.

So I've recently started a "no complaining on Facebook" rule. Now, I'm not talking about being fake happy all the time, but just erring on the "glass half full" side of things. Ultimately, I don't want to bring others down on Facebook; I want to build them up...make them smile or laugh or feel encouraged.

Or at the very least, not make them roll their eyes in annoyance like I know I do to people airing their dirty laundry on Facebook.

So who's with me? We can change Facebook, one status at a time :-)

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