Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

Aw Thursday, how I love you. Not only are you my last day of classes for the week, and not only are you The Office, Parks and Rec, and Big Bang Theory day, but you are also the day when I don't have to come up with a creative idea for a blog post, because Neely and Amber have already done that for me!!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK write run-on sentences in a blog post. Exhibit A above ^ be proud of your first homemade apple pie because it was delicious. Even though it was hard to look at because you tried (key word) to get creative on the crust with a cookie cutter. reward yourself immediately following a really difficult test at school. 220 calories? Don't mind if I do! (And no, that's certainly not a Dr. Pepper back there propping up the bag. Ahem). have a sore throat because you were trying to sing like Adele (okay, okay. I stole this one from Pinterest).

... to inadvertently blind the cat, forgetting the flash was on spend "just 5 more minutes" on Pinterest. seriously mourn the fact that you haven't been able to read even one page of a book for leisure since classes started on August 23. (Ummm...but to be fair, that's partially Pinterest's fault. Not just school's). mention Pinterest no less than 5 times in every blog post. plan on not taking your nose out of a book for four straight weeks during Christmas break! Which is a month-and-a-half away, but still.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Is your 5 more minutes on Pinterest just 5??? Mine is usually another hr. LOL That darn this is like crack!!!

  2. love pinterest! I spend way too much time on there too....even have the iphone app (which comes in handy at the grocery store and craft store when I want to actually try and make something I remember pinning!) And I love Dr. Pepper - totally my guilty pleasure since I can't stand Diet DP.

  3. oh. my. word. I need some of that Chex mix stat! Happy weekend to you, just found your blog and I am loving it!!


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