Monday, October 3, 2011

Brand New Coffee Drinker

I've always loved fancy, sugary drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, frappuccinos...pretty much any coffee drink that was so sweet, I could barely taste the coffee.

A few weeks ago while at school, I had a terrible headache. So I bought a grande latte instead of a tall one, thinking that the caffeine would help my headache. And I was totally right. Not only did it make my headache go away, but it also gave me a giant burst of energy that lasted for hours. I was more productive that evening than I can remember being in a long time.

I guess lately I haven't been drinking much caffeine, so the huge amount was a shock to my system. In a good way.

Ever since I went back to school and started subbing at the same time, I have been having a hard time getting everything done and I've felt sooo tired all the time. Things just weren't working.

I have implemented a few different plans just this weekend to help me get everything done and feel good at the same time. The first one is that I realized I needed to pray about the situation and hand it over to God. I immediately felt better after doing that, and I know that is the solution to any problem.

Next I started reorganizing my life, being purposeful and proactive about my schedule and how I spent my time. This definitely needed to happen. Just read my post from Friday.

And the third change I made is that I dug my coffee maker out of the attic closet and took it out of the box for one of the first times. And yesterday and today I've enjoyed a cup of plain, old coffee to put a spring in my step. Coffee filled with lots of cream and sugar...but coffee nonetheless. It has made the biggest difference! I've gotten so much done! And maybe part of it is in my head, but regardless, it is working for me.

Using coffee to help me accomplish all of the tasks on my endless to-do list may not be the healthiest thing in the world. But the way I look at it is that it's healthier than a lot of other things I could do. I don't smoke or drink and I always eat my veggies! So coffee isn't too bad for me, right?

Do you drink coffee in the morning to get you day started?


  1. I'm not a really big coffee drinker. There was a time, last year, maybe? That I started drinking coffee with sugar in it. But I don't really drink coffee right now. I do drink cappuccinos, lattes, and frappuccinos though.

  2. I'm not a coffee drinker at all, but sometimes I wish I was just so I could get so much more accomplished!

  3. I am definitely a coffee drinker! I usually have 1 or 2 every day!

  4. I wouldn't function without coffee! I think when you become a grad student you automatically become a caffeine addict.

  5. Ha, Jess, you're so funny! There were definitely alot of periods of my life when coffee got me through. I don't drink it so much anymore because I started cutting out caffeine when we were trying, then with pregnancy and breastfeeding. I had a caffeinated cup the other day for the first time in over a year, and boy, was I jittery! I think the caffeine has more effect on me now than it used to!

  6. Welcome to the coffee world!!! :) I love coffee and only get it when I have a headache or a super early morning that I need to get through.

  7. I love coffee. It helps me tame my sweet tooth.

  8. I love coffee, but I have to admit, I tend to drink it when the "afternoon slump" happens. Sometimes I will drink coffee or tea in the morning, but it's pretty rare. However, on the weekend we usually enjoy homemade muffins and coffee for breakfast. We love to buy the "shmancy fancy" creamers to kick up the flavor. :)

  9. I start the day with coffee...I get though the day with coffee...I end the day with coffee...COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!!

  10. My mornings have to start out with a cup of coffee, otherwise it's going to be a bad day! It's not been that long since I started drinking coffee either, when I started college...but now it's an essential start to my day.

    Welcome to the coffee world :).


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