Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay be in such a good mood that I listen to the Disney Pandora station the whole way home from Akron on Tuesday. True story. then later in the week, watch Beauty and the Beast while I folded laundry because the music put me in the mood. still be a little excited about my birthday coming up, even though I'm going to be 27 let a Starbucks Frappuccino totally change my mood get annoyed with Macys for being totally decorated for Christmas. Umm, I'm pretty sure it's still 8 or 9 weeks away. As much as I love Christmas, they're jumping the gun a bit. Let Halloween and Thanksgiving have their turn in the spotlight too! :-P not really love Halloween, and to think it will be much more fun once I have kids. realize coffee is my own form of NZT (only people who have seen Limitless will get that!) hate my fertility problems, but at the same time, when I see a screaming child while shopping, sort of thank the Lord that I'm not in that mom's shoes yet.

What's okay with you?


  1. Haha...I feel the same way when I see screaming children :)

  2. I have never watched Beauty and the Beast before. In fact, I haven't watched any Disney princess movies except for Cinderella.

  3. Disney on Pandora? How did I not know about this?! And that looks like a chocolate chip frappe from Starbucks... my favorite cold drink! It can totally change any mood!

    Happy Thursday :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  4. LOVE your honesty! :) You are such a bright light!! Saying a prayer for you today.... God knows your hard things and sees them all (praise God because yikes I don't know where I'd be without knowing that truth...)!! BLESS YOU!

  5. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites and I had no idea there was a Disney station on Pandora.

    I get so annoyed when the stores decorate for Christmas before Halloween even gets here.

    That frap looks so good!

  6. Love beauty and the beast! And Starbucks always puts me in a good mood :-)

  7. I didn't know anything about Disney on Pandora, either?? I'll have to remedy this ASAP.

    I LOOOOVE Beauty & The Beast. Such a lovely little story...

    You really didn't need to post that Starbucks FRAPP picture. HA! I'll have to glue myself to my chair so I don't hop in the car to get one. LOL.

    Shhhh...I totally feel the same way about screaming kids.

    ( I identified with a lot you shared today, ;-) )

  8. How weird. I listened to Beauty in the Beast yesterday at work because I just missed it.

    & I'm not a coffee drinker but I love that double chocolate chip Frappuccino. I must get it soon!

    :) Oh, and i'm a new follower!

  9. I totally agree about Halloween. Loved it as a kid and now I mostly just wait until the day after so the candy goes on sale =P Hopefully having children will make it magical again!

    Happy Thursday =)

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