Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best Thing About Halloween

I'm not going to get into the whole "Christian's celebrating Halloween" controversy in this post, except to say that I plan to let my children celebrate the fun, non-scary parts of the holiday. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, and I have some great Halloween memories from my childhood, too!

Now that I'm older, my favorite thing about Halloween is simply seeing kids dressed up and having an awesome time! Last night I helped out at our church's Trunk 'R Treat night, and it was so much fun!

Me, Luke, his entire family, and my mom were all the donut-making crew. Luke got this fryer for his birthday the year before last, and we haven't been camping enough to use it yet! (which makes me sad-faced). Anyway, I got a picture of him beside it since he finally got to sue it!

The men did most of the frying, and the ladies did most of the glazing.

These donuts? were the best donuts I've ever had. You might think I'm biased since it was my family making them...but we heard that from other people during the night too, so it's not just me :-) Patty had to go buy more supplies at one point because we were running out so quickly! The donuts are usually made when the family goes camping. Patty mentioned that this is a camping tradition that we will have to pass down to our own children someday, and I can't wait to do that! :-)

The moms :-)

Overall, the night was a success. So many kids showed up to get their candy from the adorable trunks, devour a donut or two, and eat some delicious chili and hot dogs. It was a fun family night!

The trunks were so great!( We did one a few years ago and had so much fun :-))

Our friend Shaun is a racer and he and his wife Jamie brought these little cars. SO CUTE!! Apparently I did not get a good picture of the cars, but I got an adorable picture of Jamie!

And I almost DIED of cuteness with all the cute kids in their costumes! Here's my cousin and her little kitten :-)

We took a break halfway through the night for some delicious chili. It was COLD outside, so that was perfect!

What a fun night! As I was standing there glazing donuts I paused for a moment and breathed in the chilly air; I just listened to the kids laughing, and watched the men throw a football around, and heard the women chatting...and that is why fall is my favorite season. It brings people together

What a fun night spent with this guy and our family and friends :-)


  1. Glad y'all had a fun evening. I'm with you on the Christians celebrating Halloween thing... I'm not against it, I don't love it, but I do see the fun in dressing up and getting free sugar. Decorating trunks is fun too! :)

  2. Glad that you had a fun Halloween...and those donuts look d-licious!


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