Friday, October 7, 2011

Trust...When Will I Learn??

Okay, common theme on the blog here lately: I have been taught yet another lesson in trust. I guess God is going to keep hammering this one until I finally get it.

Anyway, I love it when God gives me a story to tell on the blog, and I've definitely got one today!

I can't complain, because each lesson in trust is always amazing and it blows me away every time. Always in a way that shows me that it had to have been God who worked it out.

I'll start on Wednesday:

I hadn't been called to sub that day yet again, and I was starting to get extremely stressed out about the whole situation. Not just stressed out, but also this terrible guilty feeling that I wasn't pulling my weight.

It's very difficult to go from getting a check with about the same amount in it every other week for four years, to going to a completely unpredictable income. Substitute teaching is difficult like that.

As usual, I got myself all worked up about the situation. I knew in my heart that God was going to take care of the situation, but my head just couldn't imagine how. It was to the point where I was contemplating just dropping all of my classes and forgetting the whole thing since it has been putting a bit of a financial strain on us.

On top of that was a situation going on with one of my classes that I was worried about.

Fast forward to Thursday:

The class stuff was worked out so easily, I can't believe I wasted a second worrying about it.

And literally about 5 seconds after the class situation was resolved, I got a text from Luke saying that we had received a check from one of our insurance companies in the mail that we weren't expecting, and had no idea was coming. It wasn't a small check, and I know the timing was definitely not a coincidence.

On Wednesday I was feeling like everything was falling apart and thinking about dropping out of school and wondering what I would do from there.

24 hours later I saw every situation worked out perfectly. God really does have my back, and I don't know why it's taking so long for me to realize it!

But how amazing it was to see God's fingerprints all over this!! I'm realizing that the next 2.5 years are probably going to be full of situations like this. I'm going to have so many stories to tell at the end of it of how God saw us through. Even when it seemed impossible!

Let those words be a comfort to you today!


  1. Praise the Lord it all worked out! It's wonderful how He watches out for our needs. :-)

  2. Such encouraging words! How can we ever doubt His grace when we know what He has already done for us?

  3. God sure has amazing ways of working through situations. I'm so glad everything worked out well :-)

  4. Everything always works out :)

  5. It's so cool how God takes care of us. And so silly how we continue to worry :)


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