Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week in Review


~Had lunch with Luke's family on Sunday to celebrate his sister and dad's birthdays

~Really enjoyed our Love and Respect Bible study on Sunday night!

~Went out to lunch and shopping with my mom and sister on Monday

~Celebrated my grandpa's birthday on Monday evening.

~Thursday between my classes I hung out at my sister's apartment with her and her adorable puppy. TV and hot chocolate were involved so it was the perfect little rest and de-stress time between my classes. We won't talk about the fact that I spilled said hot chocolate all down the front of my white shirt.

I tried a crock pot tortilla soup recipe that I found on Pinterest, and it turned out to be sooo good! I had a chair beside the counter because this is a necessity for a short person like me :-P My cats thought I put it there so they could get closer to the action, I think

~On Saturday night Luke and I stayed in and watched Limitless. It was a pretty good movie! I didn't care for the ending, but the concept was great. Has anyone else seen it? what did you think?
And that was about it for last week. Pretty boring! I was too busy studying to do much fun stuff. Last week our A&P quiz was over the muscles of the face. Which wasn't as bad as the bones of the skull, but it was still a lot. The good news?? Our professor told us that we only have 2 more muscles to learn in this class. And considering that we've learned hundreds already, plus their origins, insertions, innervations and functions....that is about the best news I've heard since class began. I'm in the home stretch!!

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  1. We watched Limitless too this weekend! Except I feel asleep not too far into it - haha, I was pretty worn out and we didn't start it til late. Derek had the same feelings as you did I think. He said it was a good movie, but at the end, he wasn't really sure what the point was.


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