Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Caramel Corn

Saturday after our trip to Motts, Mom, Julie and I made a ton of homemade caramel corn. Caramel corn just screams fall and the holidays to me! It was fun to make it for the first time, and nice to know that it really isn't that difficult! I will most definitely be making this again :-)

First, you just have to pop some popcorn on the stove. We used "mushroom popcorn," which apparently pops bigger and fuller(??)

Then we made our own caramel sauce. It was easier than I ever would have thought to make! I don't have our exact recipe, but here's a similar recipe I found online

Next was probably the hardest part. We had to pour the caramel on the popcorn and stir it around really fast before the caramel cooled and hardened.

Then we stuck it in the oven (preheated to 250 degrees) for about an hour and waited impatiently for it to be finished.

We took it out ever 15 minutes or so just to stir it around a little more. And then finally the oven timer went off and our caramel corn was finished!!

Best caramel corn ever!! Seriously, it's so good. Go make some right now :-)

I will definitely be making this every fall from now on. And I'm thinking this caramel corn in a cute little tin would be a fabulous Christmas present for someone!

So far this fall I've made pumpkin cookies, caramel corn and potato soup.
Next up?? Apple Pie. (pray for me!)


  1. Yumm!!! I've been wanting to try to make some caramel corn!!

  2. If you would like to send me some its ok with me :)


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