Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have realized in the past month that God has really blessed me with the ability to memorize large amounts of information quickly. This has been very helpful with my anatomy & physiology, phonetics, and audiology classes.

It seems that God gave me a little extra ability to memorize and retain facts and information because He completely left out a little thing called common sense. I'm sure it wasn't a mistake...because God doesn't make mistakes. It is what it is, and that's just me. Anybody who knows me knows that I'm very absent-minded, and I tend to do things the difficult, time-consuming way. I simply don't have the ability to see that it could be done in a much simpler, quicker way, no mater the task at hand.

Adding to that is the fact that I tend to procrastinate. A lot. Honestly, it's my biggest personal struggle. Here's a good example of a little procrastination that almost got me into trouble last weekend. I arrived at the gas station just in time!
Anyway, due to my idiosyncrasies, I have straight As, and yet every other area of my life is in disarray.

Yesterday I shared one trick that has helped me is simply to stay caffeinated. And today I thought I'd share some other things that have helped me. Just in case anyone else struggles in these areas too :-)

There are a couple of resources that have been helpful and inspiring during my quest to reorganize life. The first one is the IHeart Organizing blog. The author, Jen, shares all kinds of great tips and tricks for organizing just about any area of your home and life! And not only that, but she does it in a very colorful and beautiful way. I have gotten a ton of great ideas and inspiration from her blog.

Next there's the time management book that I keep referring to, that I've finally had time to begin! I have been taking it to school with me and reading it between classes (I have a 4-hour break one day and a 6-hour break another day. And I lose my mind if I study for that entire time, so I decided to let myself do some fun reading for an hour or two). Anyway, the book is called "More Hours in my Day" and it's by Emilie Barnes and Sheri Torelli. It's a Christian book, and it contains lots of great ideas. Things that someone lacking in common sense wouldn't have thought of on their own :-P

And finally, I know I'm the last one to catch on to this, but Crock Pot Girls is a great website/facebook group for someone who's on the go a lot during the week like me. In the three years that Luke and I have been married, I have probably only used our crock pot a handful of times. But I think that since I have an 11-hour day every Tuesday and Thursday, the crock pot needs to become my best friend. So Crock Pot Girls has provided me with a wealth of great ideas for crock pot meals. I've decided that Monday is my meal prep day. In addition to crock pot meals, I'm going to be making soups on Monday to quickly heat up throughout the week. Yesterday I made potato soup for the first time since last winter, and I can't wait to eat it later this week!

I feel like these three resources (plus the coffee!) have gotten me off to a great start. They're all fun, which helps me stay interested and inspired to organize my life!


Next step: home management binder. This is going to be a big weekend (probably multiple weekends) project, but I'll be sure to update when I complete it! If you want to see an awesome one, go check out Jen's from IHeart Organizing. What an inspiration!


  1. Thanks for sharing your secrets :) I'm so proud of you doing so well in your classes and managing your time!!!

  2. I'm currently working on my home management binder too! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. I am such a procrastinator too.... I am trying to work on time management as well. Glad yours is going well.


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