Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week in Review: A Beautiful Week

We had the most beautiful weather this week! It was sunny and warm and the trees have really started changing colors. It was probably one of the best weeks of the year as far as weather and scenery go!


~ On Sunday, Luke and I had lunch at his parents house. Then I went home and did homework all evening while Luke watched football. It was a cold, rainy, dreary day (the good weather didn't begin until later) and staying in was cozy and nice!

~Monday I was ridiculously productive thanks to my new coffee addiction. It was nice to get so much done for school and at home

~On Wednesday I visited my grandma, which is always nice. Later in the evening I got to go see Luke's sister Diana play volleyball. She plays for Malone University, so it's always exciting to watch her play. And on Wednesday they did a great job and won!

~Thursday was a good day. It's the day when everything that I was stressed out about all just came together, and I felt God's peace so strongly! I was walking on campus feeling great and it was sunny and beautiful, and I had to take a picture. Blogging has turned me into the person who has to literally try to freeze time and capture every important moment. You know what I mean, right?

~Thursday night JC came over and he and Luke and I chilled out and watched our shows: The Office and Parks and Recreation. I love Thursday nights, because they mean my classes are done for the week, and I can relax a bit and enjoy my favorite shows!

~Friday night, Luke and I went to another one of Di's volleyball games. They won again! Afterward we went out to Applebees for a very late dinner. I came home and stayed up late on Pinterest, so it was a pretty excellent start to the weekend :-)

~Saturday was a perfect, fall day. It was warm, sunny, and beautiful! And I got to spend it with my mom and sister. We went to Motts, which is a place that sells lots of dry goods, produce, flowers, and that sort of thing. Post about our trip coming later this week :-)

~After going to Motts, we hit up a few garage sales. I have been wanting a table or dresser to put in our hallway for a really long time. I guess I was hoping one would just magically appear one day, because I certainly hadn't been proactively looking. And that's kind of what happened. I guess this was my lucky day, because I found the perfect dresser at one of those garage sales! Exactly what I had been picturing in my head. And my mom said she would just buy it for me as an early birthday present!! I plan to paint it white. I think I'll keep the knobs and pulls, but I may paint those white or maybe another color as well. I can't wait to finish it!! Post coming when that project is finished!

Isn't she lovely? China not included, although I kind of loved that as well ;-)

~Later on Saturday, we made caramel corn at Mom and Dad's house. I had never made it before, and it wasn't too difficult! It was so good. I brought a bag home, and have to keep it out of sight or I would be munching on it all day!

~Another great thing about the week is that my house is completely fall-ified now :-) I think I've got everything just where I want it, so I can enjoy it for the rest of the season!

I've got some fun stuff coming up this week as well! And lots of projects I want to complete. Like my new dresser, my home organizing binder, and I want to make my first ever apple pie! I didn't buy all these apples for nothing.

Wishing you a happy fall week too! :-)


  1. LOVE your new dresser!! Don't you just love when you come across a cool find like that?! Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  2. What a fun week! I love that dresser! And you should post the steps for making caramel corn. It looks delicious!


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