Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bachelor

Because I have nothing better on my mind today :-P

Does anyone else watch The Bachelor? I've been really into it this season, more so than other seasons for some reason. Part of it is because I genuinely like Jason. And a big part of the reason I'm watching this season is because I saw in the preview that DeAnna is going to make an appearance! I just want to see what happens, and I hope Jason puts her in her place! (If you didn't watch DeAnna's season of the bachelorette, she let Jason get down on one knee and propose during the finale, and THEN turned him down. I thought that was just cruel!)
I know I'm pulling for Melissa. She's a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (and she was on the CMT show). She seems sweet and genuine, and I think Jason seems to really have a connection with her.Is anyone else watching? If so, who are you pulling for?


In other news, I'm looking forward to tomorrow night! Luke's going to another Cavs game. He got his dad tickets for Christmas, so they're going to have a little father-son game night tomorrow :-) Luckily, my mom called and invited me over for pizza and a movie tomorrow night! I guess Julie's coming home from college again. She just broke up with her boyfriend, and I think that's why she's been making frequent visits home: nothing's keeping her in Akron anymore! I'm excited, because I've been missing her :-(

Happy weekend, just in case I don't post again since I'll be SOO busy this weekend (Ha! Yeah right, you know I'll probably write every day :-P)

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