Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How I Spent my SNOW DAY!

Yes, all schools and even universities in the area were canceled due to the non-stop snow and frozen rain we've gotten since 7:00 last night. it's supposed to keep going on until 7:00 tonight, too, and therefore all the activities at our church are canceled for tonight as well. Luke and I were supposed to help with the preschool KBC class, but I guess we'll have to find something to do around the house instead!

Well here are the highlights of my snow day in pictures. I was kinda bored being here all alone, so I took a lot of them ;-)

All images were edited in Picnik! Yes, I'm totally addicted.

I wore my glasses since I didn't have to dress up for work or anything. I love just bummin around!

All morning I cleaned the house! I was determined not to sit on my behind all day!

Then I had a wonderful lunch. Luke's sweet mom gave us some of the broccoli cheese soup she made the other night. It was pretty tasty, and warmed me up! Here it is with the recipe box she got me as a shower gift full of all of Luke's favorite recipes! The broccoli cheese soup was in there, so I think I'll try my hand at making it next week.

Then I ventured outside to get some lovely pictures of the snow. Don't worry, I made sure to really bundle up!

Here are the steps leading up to our entrance. Looks safe, right?

Here is a side view of our house in the middle of the winter wonderland

And I took a picture of our street...look how white everything is! The only color in the whole picture is the street sign.

After that, I had had enough of the snow! I came inside and baked (actually, microwaved) a little treat: a wonderful chocolate cake made in the microwave! If you want the recipe, check out Reeni's blog. It turned out really good! But I somehow messed up the frosting and it was really runny! I just slathered some on and let it run down the sides of the cake. I always mess SOMETHING up when I'm baking. But it tasted pretty good, so that's all that matters :-)

I wore my adorable apron, also from my mother-in-law (both of our sweet little "mommy's" sure know how to take care of us, even though we're all grown up! :-)) It's pink! And you can't really tell, but it has my name on it! Love it!

And here's my finished product. Doesn't look too great, but it tastes pretty good! I had a little piece of it.

The cake was sooo chocolaty, I had to balance it out with some of this peppermint tea that I got for Christmas. Yum!

Well today has been the perfect snow day! Later I plan on catching up on some American Idol that I DVR'd last night. And then maybe cleaning a little more, because I promised Luke that if I had the day off I'd make it spotless!

I feel bad for Luke...while I had the day off, he had to go into work at 6 (2 hours early) this morning to plow! He works for the Salem Parks Department. There are 7 parks in Salem, so he has his job cut out for him today! I plan on having a mug of hot chocolate ready for him when he walks in the door. then later we'll have Chili for dinner, and maybe snuggle up and watch a movie later.

It will be a little sad to return to the real world tomorrow, but at least it will be Thursday! Wednesday is a good day to have a snow day, because it breaks the week exactly in half.

Crossing my fingers for 4 more of these babies before winter is over! 5 is our limit before we have to start making up days at the end of the year :-P

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  1. I love the picture diary of your day! It looks like you enjoyed your day off. You look so cute in your apron. Thanks for trying my cake!! I'm glad it turned out good for you. If your frosting is too thin just add more confectioners' sugar until it gets to the right consistency. But it looks good to me!!!


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