Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Random Stuff

I'm feeling random today :-)

Random Topic #1: American Idol

Did anyone else catch the season premiere of American Idol last night? Usually I love the first few episodes (AKA the nightmare tryouts). Last night, however, I just wasn't loving it. The new judge (Cara/Kara something-or-other) seemed to change the chemistry of the group of judges. I wasn't a fan. Also, as mean as he is, Simon is the judge whom I usually agree with the most (Paula has turned crazy, and IMHO, Randy doesn't have great taste). Last night, though, he just seemed meaner than normal, and that's saying a lot. I didn't enjoy the premiere at all. I found myself surfing through the whole second half of the show, and not really paying attention to Idol at all. I'm crossing my fingers that this season will get better!

Random Topic #2: My To-Do List

I'm making some more progress on my to-do list! I decided to take a summer graduates course, so I still have some time to plan for it. I've been researching different online schools as well as some local ones. I will keep you posted.

Also, I've checked off #4 of my list, as I am going out to dinner (and probably a movie or bowling afterward) with two of my girl friends on Friday! Yay for girl time! I'm in dire need of some.
Here is some girl-time at it's finest at my bachelorette party (Now I'm missing my long hair!). Can you tell we're sisters? Does the curly hair give us away? That's right, I'm naturally curly. I just straighten it now that it's short.

Random Topic #3: Volunteering

Along with my New Year's Resolution of turning my life around, being proactive, and making things happen for myself, I have decided to start volunteering.

Starting tonight, I am helping teach the preschool class at our Wednesday night KBC (Kids Bible Club) at church. Luke is helping with me! It will be fun to work together on this. I've also signed up to help in the children's department at church on Sunday mornings (directing new children and visitors to their classroom). I know it will be great to help out.

Random Topic #4: Pittsburgh Plans!

Mom and I are planning on going to Pittsburgh on Monday since we're off work for MLK Day! we are making the hour-and-a-half drive to our rival's territory (Not Steelers' fans :-P) just to go to IKEA! (And hopefully also to eat a delicious lunch sometime, too!) I absolutely adore IKEA. I haven't been there since two weeks before my wedding, which was at the very end of June. That's when I bought this beautiful piece for only $125!
I'm not looking to buy anything huge on Monday, but I just need some awesome gadgets to create more storage in my kitchen. I'll be sure to upload pictures of anything I may purchase!

Random Topic #5: POTB

In case you're wondering, that stands for "Puppies on the Brain" instead of "Babies on the Brain." I really want one! (a puppy, not a baby YET). We might get one this summer and Luke says it's totally up to me. He's not a huge dog-lover like I am, so he doesn't really care either way. I am thinking about getting a Maltese...I would love to find a rescue Maltese at I pet-sat my friends Maltese, Max, for two weeks this summer. Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Because Luke is very picky about what kind of dog we get (he doesn't like big ones, or dogs that shed) we will probably be getting some kind of prissy lap-dog. I would kind of rather get a Golden Retreiver or a lab, but marriage is about comprimise, right? He's comprimising by letting me get a dog, and I'm comprimising by getting one that he might like. But we'll see...puppies are a big responsibility, and I'm not sure if I want to deal with that right now. But I love them so much! The decision is yet to be made.

Well, Happy Wednesday! hopefully you're spending it someplace warmer than it is here. We have a wind chill advisory for our area from now until Saturday. They're telling people not to go outside unless absolutely necessary. And the temperature is going to get even colder tomorrow. Sometimes they cancel school for this, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. I want a Maltese too!! Max is adorable!! I like Siberian Huskies too!! I wouldn't be able to decide once the time to pick one actually came. I think that's really great that you are volunteering! And have fun at Ikea!!


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