Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Cool...

I have an interesting story today. Luke, inspired by Dave Ramsey's FPU, was examining our checking account online last night to figure out where all of our money goes. He was trying to figure out what sorts of things we waste money on. It was then that he found some mysterious activity in our account that happened Saturday. There were all sorts of online withdrawals from places we could not identify. Upon further research of our account, Luke found that there have been multiple mysterious withdrawals that have happened in our account since December 18. The money from these withdrawals added up to about $200.

We were seriously stressed last night when Luke found this. The banks were already closed, so there was nothing left to do but wait until this morning. Luckily, his boss is awesome, and let him make all the phone calls from work to try to figure out the situation.

I got a text message this morning from Luke saying that they had figured out what had happened. Someone had apparently hacked onto one of our computers, and found our debit card account number and information. This person had been using our card to order porn from Playboy!! (Is Playboy considered porn? I'm not sure, but I'M calling it porn :-P) I was so mad when I found out! If this person had been stealing clothes or other merchandise with our money, I probably wouldn't be so frustrated. But porn? The fact that this person was a theif, hacker, AND a pervert just makes it worse for some reason :-P Was he using our account to hide the fact that he was looking at porn? Or just because he didn't want to pay for it? Probably because he was trying to hide it. He had our information, why didn't he use it to buy anything other than stuff from Playboy?

Well, Luckily the bank is giving us all of our money back. Which is good, because we've been a little stressed, financially lately. One of our renters just moved out, and the other set are late on their rent. Losing $200 just wasn't something we needed :-P We had almost no food last night, but Luke didn't want me to spend ANY money then until we got this figured out. This idiot had only spent a few dollars at a time (the most was $38.40 last week sometime) but we didn't want to take the chance that last night would be the night that he (or she, I guess) would spend tons of our money. We didn't want to overdraw, so we didn't want to risk spending ANY money. So I didn't even go out and buy the groceries we desperately needed. Tonight I got home from work late and Luke and I are helping at KBC at church at 6:30 tonight, so I don't have time to go! I decided to make brinner (in case you don't watch "Scrubs," that's BReakfast for dINNER). I think I have enough food to make eggs, pancakes, and bacon. And Luke LOVES brinner :-P So even though we don't have a whole lot of food, I think tonight will be fun :-) I'm not gonna lie, sometimes it's fun to be poor newlyweds. We can enjoy the simple things in life, like brinner :-)
Let this be a lesson to you, that you should not be like me and Luke! Balance your check book, and check your account online every few days...we could have ended this thing after $10 had been taken if we had done that. We've learned our lesson! Luke just got a new debit card (he was due for one anyway) and he has vowed not to use it online. He's a big ebay-er, so we'll see how that goes!

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  1. That's horrible!! Happy that you figured it out and the bank was so good about it!!!


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