Thursday, January 22, 2009

Everyday Blessings

It's no secret that I'm feelin' the winter blues right now. Everything seems so dead, and the cold air is a serious energy-sucker. Each day lately has kind of blended into the next, and the next, and so on. But today broke up the monotony a little bit, and I'm happy! Sometimes little everday blessings are enough to break us out of a funk.

First of all, this morning as I pulled my car into B.L. Miller Elementary School, I noticed something different: I was beginning to see the natural morning sunlight! I have to be at the school by 7:30, so for the past few months, it hasn't gotten light until my work day was well underway. This little bit of sunlight at 7:30 was a sign that spring, a time when it is completely light at 7:30, IS coming. Maybe not for awhile, but it is on it's way.

Another AMAZING blessing today was that the temperature finally broke 30 degrees!!! I kid you not, It felt like spring to me! I guess I've grown accustomed to the sub-zero temperatures (with the wind chill). Not only was it warm, but the sun shone brightly, all day long! It seems like it's been such a long time since we've had a day like today.

While at work, I got a text message from Luke saying that we're invited to his parents' for dinner tonight! Talk about a blessing...who wouldn't love to have a night off from cooking?! I guess his mom is making soup, although I don't know what kind. I'm secretly hoping she's making her famous white chili, because it's UNBELIEVABLY yummy!

After work I didn't even mind going to Giant Eagle to pick up some much needed groceries, which is usually such a mundane task. I decided to bring my camera along since it was such a beautiful day! I usually shop in Salem, the closest town to us. Luke works in Salem, and it is the cutest little town! I love going there. Here are some pictures of it's adorable-ness :-)

As you enter Salem, you enter the "historical district." It is adorable! Here's a picture of all the cute little shops around me. don't worry, I took the pictures when I stopped or very slowly moving.
Here is a picture of The Friends Roastary, the adorable coffee shop that I think is better than Starbucks. It's the one with the colorful designs on the side. Beside it, is the Salem Community Theater. There's not much to do around us, so I've seen many productions in that little theater!
After the historical section, you enter the residential section. This is where all the pretty, huge houses are. It's very beautiful at Christmastime.
They don't call our area the Bible Belt for nothing. There are churches on just about every corner in Salem. Here is a picture of what I think is the most beautiful one. I just wish those poles weren't in the way!:

This was taken on the way home, when I was out of Salem. It just looks like a sea of snow. As much as I hate winter, snow is beautiful! And notice the shadows...that means the sun was shining!! It's sad how excited that makes me :-P

Another "everyday blessing" that I experience pretty much EVERY DAY, is my guilty pleasure:
Just about every day lately, I have come home and made hot chocolate with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and sprinkled with cinnamon. It warms me up, and chocolate always makes me happy! Maybe I should cut back to once or twice a week, instead of everyday :-P I'll think about it. Anyway, while I was sipping away at my chocolate bliss, I was watching "Everyday Italian" on The Food Network. I love me some Giada! There's not much better than sitting back with a nice mug of hot chocolate and warming up while watching The Food Network!

And the final blessing of the day? Tomorrow is Friday! I love Thursday evenings, because you know that by this point, you've just about made it through the week. And tomorrow at work will be a great day, because all afternoon we have our school spelling bee! That means I'll have a pretty cakey afternoon :-)

Sometimes I think it's the little moments in life that make it worthwhile: the light of the sun turning the snow into diamonds, a drive through an adorable little town, a cozy dinner in front of the fireplace at my in-laws' cabin (the live in a log cabin!), the warmth of sweet, hot chocolate tickeling my throat, or the anticipation of a fun weekend...these things have all made today seem like a special day :-)

I pray that you are enjoying little (or big!) blessings in your life, too :-)


  1. Oh girl I'm with you! I totally am feeling the winter blues!

    I do not recc "The House of Sand and Fog" at all. It's not even that it's scary, it's sooo depressing and disturbing that it left me in a horrible mood!

  2. I have the winter blues just a bit. I'm trying to bring summer into my life through food!! There have been some great deals on blueberries and strawberries, so refreshing through the bleak winter.


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